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Bad Hair Month

Just before the start of shooting “Passport to Europe - Season 2” Travel Channel and I agreed that my look needed an update.  Secretly I wanted to end the blonde look because of the high maintenance so I said, "how…

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Photo - Samantha Brown Roller Derby

Green Eggs and SLAM!

A timely picture taken back in 2009 when I got to roll with the awesome Jersey Shore Roller Girls of Asbury Park and first learned of the condition known as “fishnet burn.”  Sandy sure dealt the Jersey Shore along with Asbury…

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Preparing for Sandy

Husband and I are upstate NY where our chimney leaks water during heavy rain. Husband thinks he can fix anything with duct tape, I don't have high hopes... I hope everyone on the East Coast are home safe and prepared…

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Joining the Circus

Does Monday and its onslaught of demands, meetings and emails have you dreaming of joining the circus? Here's proof that in my job, I sometimes get to do the things that everyone dreams of doing.  I hope this brings a…

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