Samantha’s Pregnancy Journal

I had the twins!  Meet my daughter Elizabeth and son Ellis on my family photo journal.   Thanks for coming along for the journey.  These are some of the gems in my photo library from throughout my pregnancy.  Hope you enjoy these little moments as much as I did.   Here are a few of my favorites:

Samantha Brown pregnant Disney

I’m the pregnant princess on the right!

After working at Disney all day, passed out on the couch…

Samantha Brown waits for her luggage at the baggage claim

Picking up luggage after last trip, only one thing left on the to do list…

Wonderful news, I made it to 37 weeks! Feeling great and very thankful.

On stage at the Travel and Adventure Show in Dallas, Texas

Who wins this Thanksgiving face-off? Me or the turkey?!

Samantha Brown playing Guitar Hero

Not exactly how I want to introduce my kids to music but it’s a start…

Samantha looks over HSN Luggage

Hmmm, might need to take one of these for a diaper bag…

Samantha Brown Star Wars Storm Trooper

Luke, we need to talk about your father…

Samantha Brown Pregnancy Napping with a Cat

Cat napping
If I could I would keep up with Fiona (my cat) and her mandatory 18 hours of sleep a day.

Samantha Brown Pregnant - Photos New Orleans

A trip to New Orleans. We tried to find the fortune teller who predicted in the New Orleans episode of Great Weekends that I would have twins. I guess it was her day off.

Samantha Brown Pregnant - Photos Venice

Italy without wine wasn’t as difficult as I thought it would be. Shooting in Venice Italy at 5 months for Travel Channel’s Trip of a Lifetime.

I love Andrew Zimmern but Bizarre Foods America should come with a medical disclaimer recommending that pregnant women with morning sickness avoid watching it.

Samantha Brown Pregnancy - Tea Cup

With my tea now handy, this is when I first realized I could make “the bump” work for me.

Backstage at the Travel Expo in Dallas about to go on stage. I’m really hoping pregnancy brain doesn’t erase my 45 minute speech.


Stay tuned…many more where these came from!

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