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Samantha’s Family Photos

Now that the twins have arrived, you’ll be seeing Ellis and Elizabeth here on the website from time to time.  Today I’m starting this journal to share my bundles of joy with all of you and thank you for your support during my pregnancy.  I appreciate all the well wishes and advice for a first-time mom.  You guys are the best fans ever!

Samantha Brown Twins
Ellis shows off his “Flamenco” moves to his admiring sister…
Samantha Brown Twins Elizabeth
My idea of “cruise control”
Samantha Brown Twins Ellis and Elizabeth
Our first family portrait. I’m holding Elizabeth and Kevin has Ellis. See the resemblance of Kevin and his son? Adorable
Elizabeth and her brother Ellis. They look like they’re already conspiring.
Elizabeth and her brother Ellis. They look like they’re already conspiring.
Samantha Brown Twins
A rare moment of peace.
Samantha Brown and daughter Elizabeth
Thank heaven for little girls.
Really nice "Made in Brooklyn" rug 0 - Boy 1
Really nice “Made in Brooklyn” rug 0 – Boy 1
Favorite Lamp 0 - Boy 2
Favorite lamp near changing table 0 – Boy 2

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  1. Congratulations! They are beautiful. Now remember to sleep when they sleep, don’t worry about a clean house, and enjoy them. Kids are the best!!

    1. I saw your name and wanted to know if we were related. My maiden name is Richard. Contact me and lets see if we are. Hope to hear from you.

  2. I’ve been watching your shows for years now–you’re very funny. I have been hoping you would take off enough time to have kids– you just seem to be the type to be a really good mom. I’m sure your kids will grow up with lots of personality and life-enjoyment. Keep up the good work. Looking forward to seeing Mommy Sam on the road.

  3. Congratulations to you and your husband! As a grandma of twins I could assure you, the day to day experience with twins is the most beautiful and rewarding of them all!!!!! Enjoy!!!

  4. Samantha and Kevin, You DID GOOD!! Your babies are so beautiful and you look radiant! I know you waited a long time and I think Elizabeth & Ellis were well worth the wait! Enjoy every minute of their “babyhood”, even the sleepless nights, being covered in baby food and formula, etc. because it goes by in flash.

  5. Thank you for sharing pictures of the new babies! They are beautiful! Enjoy every minute!!!! Congratulations again to very well deserved parents!

  6. Beautiful babies….Sam you take time to enjoy them, and rest when you can!! Keep coming with the pictures, love them! You are like family to me!

  7. How awesome for you and your husband! I have a 3 yr old and I enjoy every moment because the time really flies. Your two little ones are very blessed to call you Mommy!
    Looking forward to shows with the little ones.

  8. What beautiful, precious babies! I’m so happy for you and Kevin–and the grandparents, too! I have three grown children, but when I look at your new babies, it seems just like yesterday that I brought each of mine home from the hospital. The time really does go by in a flash! Take time off and enjoy your blessings!

  9. Congratulations! They are beautiful. Cherish every minute. Your journey gives me hope.

    P.S. I need your fortune tellers number. 🙂

  10. They are adorable, Sam! And from the looks on their faces, Elizabeth is going to the the planner and Ellis will just follow along with whatever his sister wants him to do!

  11. Wow – Congratulations to both of you! Those are two absolutely beautiful kiddos! You are truly blessed, and we’re really happy for you. Can’t wait to see you in action again, though, or to see the twins’ first travel show! 😉

  12. Congrats! I miss your European trips, hurry back. I’m headed to Europe for a month this year, partially inspired by your travels. Hurry back!

  13. Our boy/girl twins are 34 years old now, but I remember them as infants like it was yesterday. They grow WAY too fast, I pray you both can enjoy the little ones each and every day! They are simply gorgeous babies!

  14. Ah, such beautiful babies!! Yep, Ellis looks like his daddy and Elizabeth like her Mom for sure.What a treasure. Congratulations! I have to say they DO look like they’re conspiring. What a happy home you’ll have with these two little bundles!

  15. Congratulations! My husband and I saw you in DC at the Travel Show last year. You were very sweet and funny! Ellis and Elizabeth are gorgeous and they will have lots of adventures with you.

  16. Your babies are so beautiful! I envy you just starting your family. The absolutely happiest days of my life were when by boys were babies. I never had any postpartum depression, instead I was high on joy! Tired, yes, but I knew how fleeting babyhood is so I savored each moment. I remember standing at my washing machine crying one day because instead of onesies and pajamas I was holding a tiny pair of blue jeans. It goes so fast..time is w/o mercy. Live in the moment!

  17. After I retired in 2007 I had the opportunity to tour the world with you. Then you were gone. Now I know why. To have your beautiful twins. They are just adorable. Enjoy watching them grow. It is the most important part of your life. What a beautiful family you have.

  18. I’m very proud of you & Kevin, SB! Congratulations on your new arrivals and I hope that you both can take much time to enjoy Ellis and Elizabeth – and a little peace and quiet too. You’ll remember these days fondly for the rest of your lives. –K

  19. I am thrilled for you both! They are precious! I have followed your shows over the last 7 years and have enjoyed your wit and adventures. I was so excited when you became engaged and hoped that one day soon you and your husband would become parents. Both were meant to be and just seemed to fall into place…and both were worth waiting for. Wonderful!!!

  20. I was wondering where you have been. I guess you have been busy. Congratulations!!! This will probably cut into your travel time…a lot.

  21. My how things change. Years ago when I was at home with my newborn I’d watch you on TV jetsetting all over the world carefree and fancy free and think, “Man, she’s really living the life.” Now, I’ll bet you’re realizing, albeit very tiredly so, us moms are really living the richer, fuller life for sure! Congratulations, and welcome to the mommy club!

  22. I am totally impressed! Greatest congratulations to the rightfully proud parents! Don’t worry, they grow way too fast, so enjoy them all that you can.

  23. Samantha – they are simply just stunning little ones. Thank you for sharing. I wonder if they will be world travelers too. Stay tuned… :-]

  24. Congratulations on your two beautiful babies! Now when you travel, your carry-on luggage will wiggle and squirm and be so much fun! Enjoy them while they’re little, they grow up so fast. Bless you all.

  25. Congratulation Samantha.. I have Boy/girl twins, who are now 4. However, I have 4 grown children as well, so a very different experience….but you are very blessed….best of luck to you!

  26. A friend of mine bought these things called “Peepee Teepee” for boys. They say they work while you’re changing them. 😉 They’ve both grown so much already!

  27. The twins are precious. Thank you so much for sharing your family photos with us. You mean a lot to us Samantha. You and your family mean a lot to us now also.

  28. Your little ones are so darling! My mom shared your blog post with me because I’m pregnant with twins, too! Can’t wait to read more of your updates here.

  29. Put new diaper down and change diaper on top, that way when you are ready you just pull out old one and then plop down on fresh. Just pull front of new one up and you should have less sprinkler like events. Used to work in newborn nursery in hospital, works like a charm.

  30. Love seeing the pictures of your family!! The twins are precious!! I have 2 boys and I will tell you that your lamp will lose many battles!!

  31. Great Baby One pictures! Just remember to duck or while the sleepy you yawns in the middle of changing him….well you get the picture!

  32. How precious! You and your husband are blessed! I’m a big fan and especially enjoyed seeing you when you came to visit my neighborhood restaurant, The Inn at Little Washington. Come back to see us in “Little” Washington and bring Ellis & Elizabeth!

  33. I’ve followed you for years, I grew up in Hudson, NH and lived in Portsmouth for many years after graduating from UNH. Loved all your shows, and stiill do Congratulations on your twins! Bruce Fsrmer

  34. Just Googled you today..enjoyed your show and wondered where you went. Congrats on the twins! My twins are almost 26 years old…Yes! They do get easier the older they are. Both married with carrers in medical field. I didn’t think I would survive the first year! Bless your beautiful family! Watch out though…double the trouble when they become mobile. Cereal and shortening make a huge mess with two of them involved !

  35. Adorable!! Congratulations!!

    Yes sleep when they sleep .. drop everything, no matter how important it seems, and sleep.

    Other best advice we ever got was no binkys (pacifiers). This way they can find their own fist/fingers to suck on and not start crying out endlessly for the binky at night. If they already use them, ween them quickly.

    Enjoy. Enjoy. The love you feel will only grow.

  36. I see the boy is winning against inanimate objects. While I’m not a mom I remember that my mom always put a washcloth over my brother’s…ya know…whenever she changed his diaper. Now if only his potty training had gone as well.

  37. Just saw you on HSN and you had had the twins, you look marvelous, so happy for you both. They are absolutely beautiful and you all have such love in your first family photo. We have followed you for so long and SOOOOOO happy your family is finally complete. No advice, you will figure it out, just hold on, enjoy the chaos, it will go faster than you think. Blessings to you all.

  38. Congratulations! I am a Disney Vacation Club member that loves watching your Disney specials especially and a fellow mommy to boy/girl twins! Best of luck… best job ever!

  39. I live in Colorado and I don’t know why but it seems I can not get any of your shows on the Travel Channel…I really miss seeing you! Watched you for years everyday!! Any suggestions…guess I need to find a listing of Travel Channel Shows.

    Congrats to you…so happy for you to have twins…and one of each!!

  40. I knew you were gone for good reasons (2 to be exact). I had several mishaps before my Elizabeth was born 20 years ago. I was 45 and she has been the joy in my life everyday. I miss you but am very happy for you.

  41. Always enjoyed you as a host on the travel channel! Congratulations on your happy, healthy family!

  42. My husband and I have missed you on the travel channel and now we know why! Congratulations! I’ll follow you on facebook to keep up with the growth of the little ones.

  43. Twins… as a father of twin fraternal girls who have just stepped across into the (cough) wonderful world of “TEEN” [a magical, mythical land where dad transitions from cool to … uh … well … less cool and the sudden flood of hormones provides an interesting diversion from rational thought] I congratulate you and, with true sincerity, I wish you all the very best. May you find rest in the first two years and may blessings abound.

  44. They are just precious! I’m so late hearing this news..they are probably huge already. Enjoy the journey!

    My favorite person in the WORLD is having twins and I am just finding that out?????
    Congrats to you both – what a bundle of joy and how lucky to have a girl and a boy at the same time.
    Can’t wait to experience travel shows with the foursome. YAYYYYYY!!!

  46. I always enjoyed immensely the Samantha brown travel show..Such a good sense of humor along with lots of great information and beautiful scenery..I am so happy to see you have 2 beautiful babies and a great husband..its nice to see the love in your family for each other and the babies…I am very happy for your family and wish you the best..i don’t have children but I do know they will enrich your lives and make you take delight in all things!! God bless you with many years of happiness, good times and sweet memories for your husband and little ones!! what a beautiful family you have!! you both will make wonderful parents.

  47. Samantha + Kevin, Many happy days ahead,the babies are lovely, cuties and already traveling ,please come back to T.V. soon ,We miss your sense of humor and friendliness,much happiness for your family,God Bless You!!!!!,-The STROUT`s from Costa Mesa,Ca.

  48. What a beautiful family you have created!!!! Congratulations on the birth of your beautiful twins!! Children are Life’s Enrichments and Blessings.

  49. Hello Samantha and the best to you, your husband and the twins. I wondered why we had not seen you on the travel channel as in the past and now I know. Hope to see you again as we really missed your trips and the excitement you exhibit about travel. Many of the places that we have visited out of the country were inspirations from your show. Thank you Samantha and can’t wait to see you again.

  50. WOW! Have I been out of the loop!
    Congradulations on your new bundles of joy and to your new show…I will be watching!

  51. Thanks for your time at the Chicago Travel And Adventure Show. Saw you today. Loved hearing your talk. GREAT ADVICE, when on vacation take a walk and also talk to the locals…Best way to receive authenticity as you suggested. Your personality depicts graciousness, down-to-earth appeal, humor, and charm. Best of luck to you and your husband with your new family. Look forward to your new show 2014.

  52. As the grandmother of twin boys……soon to be 21 yrs. old… are about to have the most fun you can imagine. Enjoy each day…..the time will fly away. God Bless you All!

  53. Soooo cute! I miss your travel show but can see why you stay home now. I find your travel tips very helpful and use them whenever I travel overseas.

    Stay strong

  54. Your new little bundles of sunshine will fill your home with happiness and your heart with love. Congratulations and Best Wishes.

  55. Congratulations – such cute babies – have always loved your travel shows – the best out there by far.

  56. I’m so behind and just realized you have twins! Congratulations! I have 21 month old twin boys so I feel your joy and pain lol! I can’t imagine life with only one though!

  57. Samantha, my husband and I have been looking for you since exhausting all our videos of your Euro trips – and now we’ve found you as I’ve recently hooked up to Twitter. A very belated congrats on your twins! We love your travel programs and hope you’ll do more in Europe. (I’m from Vancouver B.C.) Anyway, glad we found you – cheers! TMA

  58. Hey Samantha brown i’am so proud of you having twins boys they make you happy mom in the whole world your friend Denver Yates . From burnet Texas .

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Samantha Brown Twins Elizabeth
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