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My Halloween Costume Guide

The pressure is building, Halloween is just a few weeks away.  Time to start planning out your elaborate costume so you can shock and amaze your friends.  I bet you didn’t know that my job, aside from travel, is dressing up in cool costumes.  So much so that I have some awesome ideas for you this Halloween season.

Here are a few of my favorites.  Oh and make sure you keep scrolling, they keep getting better and better!


On a budget?  You can turn just about anything into a clown costume!  Just head on over to the thrift store and use this photo as your guide!  A timeless classic.


Roller Derby Queen

The “I’m a real bad a$$” face is a required accessory to this easy to assemble costume.  I don’t recommend the skates if you’re heading out to a party where alcohol is served.


Circus Performer

A perfect his and hers costume, especially for the couple that has prior gymnastics or cheerleading experience.  Wow them with your acrobatic moves and sparkly, rhinestone studded outfits!



Want a costume with flashy colors and big hair?  Dress as a Riverdancer and your costume-adverse partner can wear sensible clothing for once!


Pussycat Doll

While you won’t have the neon sign following you around, you can send out smoking hot vibes through your eye sockets and everyone will know you’re a Pussycat Doll.  The feathery shawl and elbow-high gold gloves are a must have accessory!

Pussycat Dolls

Radio City Rockette

Definitely one of the high points of my dressing up in costume.  You’ll never forget your time as a Rockette!  Great costume for kids and moms alike.  And you can break it out again around the holidays.


German Maiden

Nothing turns heads like a woman in a Drindl.  Make sure your mate is wearing his finest Lederhosen.  You’ll make quite an entrance and fit right in at any Halloween beer bash!


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  1. I remember all those shows 🙂 two where in Santa Cruz my home town 🙂 Japan one was always my favorite you are so open minded to try things 🙂

  2. Amazing outfits love the pussycat dolls you so sexy in that outfit you rock is girl the German maiden outfit looks classy looking so gorgeous looking Samantha great outfits you should be a stylist Samantha you are awesome.

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