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9 Ridiculous SkyMall Products

You know you love it…browsing around in the SkyMall looking for that amazing product you didn’t even know existed.  Plus there’s a ton of very useful things in there that may just change your life for the better.  And, right now, you desperately need hope for a more interesting life because the sweaty and smelly guy in 28D is reclining into your lap.

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Thankfully SkyMall has been entertaining and distracting travelers for years.  We’ve come to rely on its fun and quirky product assortment to keep us occupied during the most boring parts of the flight.  Keep looking and you’re gonna find lots of cool and fun products like this:

Winky Cross Body Bag $39

Do you know how to bring more creepiness into an already creepy world?  Carry this Winky Bag to the airport or grocery store.  Its 3-D eye winks at people as you pass by them.  Adorable or absolutely frightening?  You make the call.



Zombie Head Decanter $24.95

When you have your next neighborhood get together, just remember that nothing says class like a Zombie Head Decanter.  Charm everyone with your wacky sense of humor and unleash the spoils of the undead through the zombie’s brain right into their red solo cup.  Perfection!


Bacon and Egg Earrings $12.95-19.95

Of course you’ve been looking for these Bacon and Egg Earrings for years!  The perfect complement to any outfit and a surefire way to start an interesting conversation during an early morning meeting (at the Cracker Barrel).  The real question is, do you wear bacon and eggs together or just double bacon or double eggs?  See this is why it becomes too confusing to get out of bed in the morning!


Humunga Tongue Dog Toy $12.95

Is your dog not funny enough?  Do his photos not get enough likes on Instagram or Facebook?  Then here is your solution!  How could anyone pass up a photo of your dog with this amazing Humunga Tongue dangling from his jaws?  The tongue is attached to a ball so it’s very easy to trick your dog into “wearing” it.  I’m sure it breaks in less than a week so enjoy it while you can!

Dog Toy

Versilius Dragon Phone Holder $14.95

If you’re going on a blind date and want a surefire plan to chase the other person off should the date go badly, then put this in your bag.  Oh and don’t forget to pack the ancient cell phone too.  Then when the conversation tails-off you can pull this out and place your phone in the cradle.  That should do it!!


Talking Dog Collar $29.99

I can always count on SkyMall for at least one hysterical pet device.  One that you never knew existed or that you would ever need.  The Talking Dog Collar is the latest in a line of very impressive practical yet silly products.  Need to call the kids to dinner?  Husband hiding-out in the garage?  Send them a message via dog collar.  You’ll never have to go chasing them again, assuming you can keep control of your dog.


Tabletop Foosball Dock $99

Looking for something to do on your next flight that will supremely annoy the people around you?  Pack this iPad Foosball Dock and proceed to spin, whip and whirl the knobs from take-off to landing.  You can buy a few beers and pretend you’re still at home in your basement hanging with the crew.  Don’t forget to whoop and holler every time you score!


Faux Tattoo T-Shirts $29.99

Going to a biker rally and don’t have enough tattoos?  Or just too wimpy to get a tattoo on your own?  Well thankfully you can still sport the look without ever going through the pain and agony of getting your body inked.  With Faux Tattoo T-Shirts, unleash your inner biker babe and don’t forget the body chain!



Singing Gondolier $59.99

Bring the romance and music of Venice to your next pool party.  Gondolier Luciano Poolvarotti plays 3 songs and serenades you and your guests as he makes his way around the chlorinated waterway.  For maximum enjoyment, party into the night so you can see his “light-up” performance!


Have a favorite funny SkyMall product?  Share it in the comments.

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