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Gift Your Mom with One of These Amazing Mother’s Day Getaways

When it comes to Mother’s Day, I officially have enough experience under my belt to let you know exactly what most moms are not looking forward to. For starters, and this might surprise you: Brunch. We beg you, no more overpriced Mother’s Day Sunday brunches where we have to sit with our crying kids AND everybody else’s while drinking an uninspired mimosa. I’ve been a waitress at these brunches and an attendee, and I promise you, it’s not as fun as intended. 

What, if not brunch, could mom possibly want, you ask? To be left alone.

Even better –  to have a whole weekend to enjoy to herself. 

Believe me, your mom will think this is the most amazing gift ever.  

Here are a few destinations that top my list for a Mom-Only weekend:

Boston, MA

Samantha walking around Boston

Cheers to a city where nobody knows your name!  

Boston, MA is a great city for families and couples but also for moms looking for some serious me-time. 

A luxury stay at the Langham Hotel makes for a perfect, hassle-free getaway, with its cozy, stylish rooms that feel like living inside a plush robe. Mom can easily explore all the unique things Boston has to offer from here, as the hotel is located within walking distance to downtown and the Rose Kennedy Greenway. Little details that make this experience feel “just for her” are the pretty pink pens and pink cartons of water. But the real luxury is the room service option for breakfast and dinner. A total must. 

Try a new sport! Community Rowing Initiative is an organization that gets you out on the Charles River to row. It’s an elegant sport where everyone pulls or rows their own weight-a nice change for once!

The art-loving mom will be delighted by the Museum of Fine Arts. This is one of the best art museums in the world with over 450,000 paintings, and without kids, she will now be able to see more than two. The Impressionism Gallery is a must with paintings from Gauguin, Degas, and Van Gogh. Bonus? There’s an entire gallery devoted to Monet! 

A solo diner only needs one spot at the bar to eat so the world is your oyster-at least in Boston it is. The Oyster House has been serving up oysters since 1826, even the bar is close to 200 years old!  Knock the freshest oysters back and try their chowda. It’s an institution.  

Take a tour that has nothing to do with Paul Revere. Live Like a Local Tours Boston is a more personal guided tour thru some of the oldest neighborhoods of Boston that have since become the center of the Black Community (Martin Luther King Jr. lived here while attending Boston University) as well as 1st generation Americans with their culture, food and strong community vibe.  

Santa Fe, NM

Samantha enjoys Ten Thousand Waves in Santa Fe New Mexico

Santa Fe has equal parts art, food, nature, and spas! Throw in the rich history of a city founded over four hundred years ago. Add on margaritas to die for, and it’s a perfect destination to be ALONE!   

It is the Capitol of New Mexico, and its Capitol building has an incredible collection of over 900 pieces of art collected over the last three decades. All artists featured are either from New Mexico or have lived there. 

The evocative art displayed next to the House of Ways and Means Committee makes for an interesting intersection of art and politics.   

We all want to embrace our inner cowgirl and the Cowgirl Hall of Fame is the perfect spot to do that, along with a strong margarita as well as live music. 

Do you know what else is dreamy? A hike in nature without holding everyone’s water bottle and snack packs. One of my favorite most inspiring hikes (moderate level) is the Aspen Vista Trail just outside of the city. The trail looks out over a stunning view of Aspen. Plan ahead as it is about 8 miles and takes a little over four hours to complete. But, you don’t need to impress anyone either! Personally, I just do an hour in, an hour back, and call it a margarita.  

But we all know that the whole reason you are going to Santa Fe for this spa. 10,000 Waves is inspired by a Japanese Mountain Onsen (bathhouse) and its therapists have dedicated their lives to bodywork. Treat yourself to a traditional Shiatsu massage and their signature Nose to Toes treatment.  

The Inn of the Five Graces is one of the most unique hotels where each room showcases handcrafted artisan pieces and one-of-a-kind treasures from Europe and Asia. It’s pricey, but mom is worth it.

Colorado Springs, CO

Samantha enjoying the views in Colorado Springs

We want to be alone in nature, but not THAT alone. And Colorado Springs, CO makes that easy to do.

I love solo hiking where I can be alone in my thoughts but also reassured by the presence of other people. The great outdoors is very close to this thriving city so you have the best of both worlds. 

The Colorado Wolf and Wildlife Center is a rescue center dedicated to educating others about the wolf. There’s even a Meet and Greet encounter where you’ll get up close and personal. All visits end with a group howl which is pretty powerful stuff. 

Enjoy a locally crafted brew, while also supporting women beer makers. Atrevida is founded by Jess Fiera, the first Latina brewery owner and head brewer in Colorado.   

Head to the top of the 14,115 feet high Pikes Peak for inspiring views. Drive or take the iconic cog train.  one of only two in the United States and defintetly one of the more unique things to do in Colorodo Springs.

The Olympic and Paralympic museum recently opened this brand new museum dedicated to Team USA is pure inspiration and admiration.  

Create a Getaway Closer to Home

Samantha Brown Spa

We moms don’t need much.

Look for small, charming towns that are no more than one to two hours away and make for a nice drive. This is an opportunity to turn our music up and sing. With no requests for bathroom stops or snack requests from the kiddos! 

A decent hotel, preferably with room service will do. A cute B&B or Inn with cable tv is a must. Trust me, we will relish this time to own the remote.  

A spot with a nearby trail to hike, a historic garden or a wildlife preserve to wander through.  Walkable areas with art galleries, local boutiques, sweet cafes, and at least one, just one nice restaurant where we can sit down and be waited on..these are all the gifts a mom could ever ask for, if even for one day and say I love you louder than any flower bouquet could!

I also share a few more tips for gifting the gift of travel for Mother’s Day to help you plan an unforgettable experience.


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  1. As a long time mom, one of my favorite ways to relax is to spend a day at a local day spa. A destination that provides many choices is Calistoga, California. The city is very quaint with great resort spas, restaurants and shopping.

    Another easy day spa trip is to Cache Creek Casino Resort in Brooks California. I have a massage at the spa, then enjoy their beautiful infinity pool for the afternoon with lounge chair delivery of lunch and drinks.

  2. Yeah for Santa Fe and CO Springs both wonderful places. Near SF and Taos enjoy Ojo Caliente resort and spa, a heavenly place.

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