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Twins First Trip

I had the opportunity to take my 2 month twins (and Husband) to Florida for my HSN appearance a few days ago. First plane ride and we get upgraded to first class! (don’t get used to this kids!)…

Fueling up before the flight at Newark Airport
Fueling up before the flight at Newark Airport
Smooth Sailing through TPA Airport
Smooth Sailing through TPA Airport
Chilling backstage at the HSN greenroom
Chilling backstage at the HSN greenroom
This "Hotel Living" is great Mom! Can we get room service again (we mean you)
This “Hotel Living” is great Mom! Can we get room service again? (we mean you)


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  1. They are such happy babies! Glad they did well on their first trip. They’ll have many more in their lifetime. 🙂

  2. Oh they are so cute!! Thank you for sharing their first trip with us!! I know it’s not easy traveling with kids!

  3. Great to see you traveling again, Miss You!
    The babies are so adorable, and you are really rocking that mom thang…

  4. OMG they are just so precious and beautiful! They look like they were wonderful to travel with. And you Mom are looking happy and lovely! Not a bit exhausted!

  5. I think it’s unusual for a youngster this small to really begin to resemble a parent, but in the pic of the of them in the greenroom chair, your daughter (I guess cuz she looks likes she’s wearing a dress) really favors you. One thing’s for sure, these two will be well traveled and well rounded!

  6. Took my son on his first flight at 6 weeks, and we flew standby BOS to MCO my sister lives outside of Cocoa Beach it was also his first trip to see Mickey LOL (former FA so I travel this way all the time , son soon to be 8 always asks if we just can go standby he hates planning now) By the way the kids are GORGEOUS just like their Mom

  7. That last picture is ADORABLE!! and the caption is even better. So good to see everyone is doing well!!

  8. This makes it look pretty easy, due with twins in August. Hoping to take a trip with them soon after to Walt Disney world with the whole family.

  9. Kids are adorable…glad to see Dad is putting that 5D Mark III to use. My girls got upgraded to first class on their 1st trip to Disney World last year; it helps to know the gate agent at SWA.

  10. So adorable! I have ONE little guy, almost 6 mos. I give huge kudos to anyone with twins, no clue how you manage?! And traveling…wow. The little girl looks JUST LIKE YOU.

  11. Smantha and Kevin, your twins are beautiful. I love following you and your family on Facebook. My daughter is expecting twins in 3 weeks. I can hardly wait to be a Grandma.

  12. What a joy seeing you traveling with your twins already. They are adorable and look so well and happy; must have something to do with their mommy and daddy:-) Looking forward to your new blogs and travel shows, Samantha! The Travel Channel is not the same without you!

  13. I think you are great Samantha! I have been a fan of yours since the beginning!! Your babies are gorgeous…Congrats! Took my third baby on a flight when she was 5 months old….didn’t know she had severe asthma until we were up in the air!! Didn’t fly with the kids again for 8 years!! LOL!

  14. Samatha, the twins are beautiful and adorable. So to get 1st class upgrade I need a couple of babies, at my age who would belive it (73) lol.

  15. Hello Samantha, just have to say that the twins are adorable and I wish you and your husband the best!

    greetings from Chicago!

  16. OMG, they are so beautiful …..and cute as can be. I just love babies, the more the better. I am such a fan of yours and I’ve followed you for years. In fact, you are the reason I became such a World Traveler in the 90’s. I had to stop the last 11 yrs to care for my Mother. I’m planning to resume my love for the open seas & skies later this year….yeaaaaa lol. If you are ever need a babysitter and in the south, just call Auntie Retta.

  17. Samantha
    I love looking at all your pictures of your travels AND your twins!! What fun!! You inspire me to travel more and maybe…have twins!!! 🙂 Thanks for

  18. Congrats on the babies. How beautiful and so happy for you. Miss seeing you on travel channel. You were the reason I watched, on your trips I took the tripwith you. The guys on there now, not good traveling partners for my 30 minutes of mini vaca’s. Hope to see you back again. Enjoy your babies.

  19. I’m an ‘older’ mom too (42 with an 18 month old boy – first and only) and like you, having the time of my life! Haven’t stopped traveling either! Little man went on his first Alaskan cruise at 7 months! (Yes, we’re THOSE people) It can be done! Congratulations! Those babies are super precious!

  20. Samantha,
    Congrats on the babies. I am watching you right now on HSN! You look so amazing and the 2 piece tweed travel set you are presenting on HSN is just what I need. I absolutely, love your style and how you make traveling anywhere a imperfectly perfect experience.

  21. Congratulations Samantha , I just got into tweeter and find out about your beautiful adorable twins. What a happy family wish you the best! Miss you on travel Chanel , glad to be able to write to you , from Miami , Teresa

  22. Congrats on the arrival of two gorgeous babies. They will turn your world upside down and inside out, but it is ALL worth it. And as you already know, there is no reason to stop traveling. If anything ours have just gotten bigger and better.

    I just read your interview over on Travel Mamas. Love what you are doing with Embassy Suites. This will give a whole group of family travels more tools in their belt to get out the door and really experience the world.

  23. ka-gwapa nga mga bata!!!
    (beautiful babies)….
    continue to be an inspiration, ms. samantha!
    God bless!

  24. I glad I stumbled across your web site. I have missed seeing you on the Travel Channel. I don’t like their new programs very much. Seeing people eat bugs is not my thing. Your twins are so adorable. Congratulation and best wishes on their birth.

  25. I am glad to stumble across your web site. Like many other comments here I do miss seeing you on travel channel. As I am leaving you this message, I am watching your trip to Jamaica.
    So glad to see you with your kids and yes motherhood suites you and your babies are so cute 🙂 Wish you and your family a very healthy life and hope to see you on TV some time soon. 🙂

  26. Be careful what you wish for because you just might get it. I wished for twins. The three of us have traveled together since before they were two. We started practicing (as daddy duck) at the Super Mall on Sundays and they were rewarded with riding on the carousel. Changing diapers in the 737 restroom requires that you put on in the sink and hold her there with your hip while you change the other.
    We practiced hotel orienteering and the girl who first found the room got to use the door key. They believed that the EXIT sign on the floor by the stairs meant Crawl. So they did. The practice paid off; the fire department showed up at hotels, twice.

  27. Have been a fan for years, Samantha, and am so happy for you and your husband to have the twins. Glad to see you are still traveling and keeping the rest of us up to speed! Saw the website on AARP site, but miss seeing you on television…Thanks for posting your babies’ pics! They’re great!!

  28. Samantha…congratulations to you and your hubby. Your twins are so precious!! Enjoy them…they grow up too fast. Loved you on the Travel Channel. I am enjoying your website — great information. Thank you for sharing. Wishing you and your family the best always. Antonietta

  29. O , it OK . Just twins! My lovely daughter took 3 kids – 5 years boy , 3 years girl and 1 more girl – 5 month ( and husband) to the trip from Santiago de Chile to Denver, Сolorado ! Nice?! So , everybody happy together!!! It is simple family life. I like yours old hairstyle , Samantha!

  30. We have boy and girl twins, now age 33, so you will survive! They are the best thing in our lives and now we have a grandson 4 months old. We love your shows and look forward to new ones. Your twins are adorable like you! Enjoy every precious moment-they will be driving before you know it!

  31. Oh my gosh, Sam, I’m behind! I didn’t know you’d had two beautiful little ones. I was cracking up though because I just watched your Great Weekends episode where you had your fortune read and she said you would have twins!

  32. Hi Sam! congrats on your two bundles of joy. Adorable. Hubby and I have watched Great Hotels for years & we miss seeing you. 🙁 We had the opportunity to stay at The BroAdmoor Hotel in Colorado Springs a few years ago. When you turn on the TV in your room, guess what is playing? It’s you my dear!

    Take care & love,
    Barbi & John

  33. I have been an ardent fan since I first saw an early Hotel show. I look for you every now and then to see if you have something current on TV. To my joy and surprise you are now a mother. Your kids are beautiful and I couldn’t be happier for you and your family. Thanks so much for the updates. God bless.

  34. You’re a mommy?! How’d I miss that? (Oh, yeah… teaching part-time, taking classes, home renovations, trying not to go broke–I’ve missed a few things over the past year or so…) Congratulations, and they’re beautiful. I’m so happy for you!

  35. We are seniors who really missed you! Hope your coming back to stay! Love the babies so proud for you & hubby.

  36. Hi Samantha
    Your children are beautiful! Your travel show was my favorite.
    So glad to see you back.
    God bless
    Donna McDaniel

  37. Hi Samantha, your twins are beautiful! Your family is beautiful. I am a single mom with two teenage boys and a maternity wear company in Malaysia and Indonesia. By long shot and hopeful, I am asking if you have plans for a mother and child clothes line .. or like to set one up? Will be super just hear from you, nevermind the offer. You are an awesome lady, keep doing what you love ♡

  38. you have great looking kids. You look great with your hair longer. Wish you would come back on tv soon miss seing you your friend. MARK

  39. Samantha your twins are beautiful and you look amazing! I understand how hard it is to juggle a career with children. I am a single mom of 2 young men who are in college and a daughter soon to be in her Senior year at High School. In my past, I worked in the Travel and Tourism from the age of 18-30 and decided to leave the field to raise my kids. Presently, at 47 years of age I returned to college for a Bachelors Degree in Hospitality and Tourism Management. It’s never too late for a higher education, although its extremely exhausting juggling work, kids and a career. I absolutely love the field and can’t wait to get back to living my next chapter doing something I am really passionate about. Im a huge fan of yours! I wish i were as lucky as you and hope to land the same amazing career exploring and learning about every culture around the world.

  40. Samantha,
    I love you and I love your shows, especially Passport to Europe. I admire you so much! You are a wonderful inspiration. Your babes are beautiful and I wish you great happiness and joy!

  41. They are so adorable. So proud of you. Congratulations. Thank you for all the travel advise you give. I know we all appreciate everything you do to keep us informed of things we can do around the world.

  42. Thank you Samantha Brown for your wonderful luggage! It has been a God send especially when traveling with children (of all ages!) I wish i had found your luggage when my child was your twins age… My biggest gripe was getting through secruity and on the plane with everything ! Let me know when the SB diaper bag comes out, (even though I dont plan on having any children ) i will be first in line to buy them for new traveling mommies!

  43. If you come, I will babysit your precious babies ANYTIME you want me to. I am certified, bonded and government clearance and a mom to two wonderful kids. Hubby is a twin, he has a sister.

  44. Dear Samantha,
    I loved watching your show on television it was so entertaining. I love the newer pics of your sweet babies and they are so adorable. I hope you enjoy every minute with them. Lots of luck to you and your husband.


    Sherri Slatnick Bardarik

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