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Amazing Infinity Pool in Mykonos

I was recently perusing my photos and went back to a trip to Greece I took in 2005 and found this picture. And thought “man, how wonderful would it be to be in that pool right now.”

So go ahead picture yourself at pools end, drink in hand staring out at the Aegean Sea. Home to the god Poseidon, it’s known as a place of legends, myths, and Sea monsters. The face that launched a thousand ships sent them across this body of water and so began the Trojan War and somewhere in the bottom of it lies the mythical city of Atlantis.

Staring out at this view from this pool you begin to believe it all.

This was actually my private pool at an incredible place called Panormos Villas on Mykonos, Greece. I wish I still had that pool and I really wish I still had those abs.

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  1. Miss your show, will you ever return? You helped me planning our trip to Greece, we stayed at the Katikies in Santorini, and as a matter of fact we actually saw you and stopped to speak with you and we thanked you for the great tips. Really wish you would return. Thanks for all you help in our planning

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