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Green Eggs and SLAM!

A timely picture taken back in 2009 when I got to roll with the awesome Jersey Shore Roller Girls of Asbury Park and first learned of the condition known as “fishnet burn.”  Sandy sure dealt the Jersey Shore along with Asbury Park a deadly blow, but the storm’s force was no match for the people of that area who know a thing or two about strength and perseverance to say nothing about kicking ass in a pair of roller skates and a tutu.

Personally, I loved tapping into my inner Jersey Girl and even bring her out every now and then when I feel my politeness isn’t quite getting me the results I want.

So go ahead and write a caption for this photo either celebrating the toughness of the Jersey Shore or how bad Sandy is going to get it, if she EVER shows her face in this area again.

Photo: Samantha Brown Roller Derby

(With the fishnet stockings)

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  1. Sam,

    We sure do miss seeing you on the TV, wish they would bring you back doing more travel and vacation type shows.

    sad in Texas…

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Photo - Samantha Brown Roller Derby
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