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2 Non-Mainstream, International Trips with Kids

When you think taking international trips with kids, a few places probably come to mind.

For example, Italy, the UK, Mexico or the Caribbean. There is a lot of fun to be had by kids around the world, but this video showcases two of my favorite “rough around the edges” countries that are sure to make for a wonderful family vacation. When the twins are old enough to enjoy some of the fabulous adventures, food and amazing attractions these places have to offer, we’ll be booking our flights and heading off.

Watch the video below to find out which two non-mainstream countries I selected from my 14-plus years of traveling.  I narrowed it down and offer you and your kids some of my favorite things to do at each location.

Not sure if your kids really need a fish pedicure or will be ready to eat fried scorpions, but what the heck…it’s fun to think about!

Have you taken your kids anywhere internationally and were surprised at how much fun it was? Share in the comments!

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  1. I would love to go to these places, and seriously thought about it, but then I thought I would like to join the guided tour groups. It would be IMPOSSIBLE for my 5 year old to do one of those. He would be whining, run all over the place, and not be respectful as the guide talks. China & Cambodia are places where you definitely need a tour guide to show you around. Most people could probably wing it in Europe without a tour guide and do it on their own, but to get a full experience in Asia it would be better to have a guide. Most kids under age 4 won’t even remember the trip so it’s not worth the money.

  2. We have exposed our kids to international travel v young. Near home to Canada..bahamas…bermuda..toeurope..india starting from toddler years. The most unique places have been iceland and brazil when they were 4/6. It has been a wonderful experience but needed meticulous planning

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