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The Beauty of Bhutan

Those of you who have been following me for a while know that while I love a good spa, I really gravitate toward adventures and exploring unique destinations. Nothing excites me more than the perfect hike through exquisite scenery and historic sites. Today I’m dreaming of Bhutan, a remote and isolated pocket between India and China offering its visitors a unforgettable blend of friendly local culture, spectacular Himalayan vistas and colorful prayer flags at every turn.

My first trek is to the historic Tiger’s Nest Monastery. This tiny monastery is wedged high upon a cliff overlooking the valley where the ‘Second Budha’ is said to have meditated after he arrived on a flying tiger. The monastery itself sits at 10 thousand feet and it’s about a two hour climb to the top starting at about 7 thousand feet.

After the monastery, I head to the city of Thimphu which is the capital of Bhutan. The city is very friendly and informal, allowing me to set my own agenda and timetable. The city’s most impressive building by far is the fortress of Tashichhodzong. This building is a masterpiece of Bhutanese architecture and I take my time exploring the throne room and the intricate artwork that decorates the interior. When I’m done exploring the Tashichhodzong, I finish my tour of Thimphu by bike which is a great alternative and offers a quick and fun way to see all the top sites of the city.

The mystic and magic of Bhutan are legendary. You never forget the warmth of the people and their unique culture.  The whole experience opens your mind and heart leaving you with a feeling that lasts a lifetime.

Have you traveled to Bhutan?  What were a few of your favorite tours and sights?

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  1. So True about every thing you just mentioned about bhutan…
    I am totally in love with this place and look forward to visit every year.
    Bhutan is truly exotic….

    1. I have lived in Bhutan since 2008. I am involved in many things including helping to preserve their traditional music and teaching creative arts in the schools. A friend and I also wrote a children’s book about a great legendary musician in Bhutan. The greatest quality of Bhutan is its people. They live from compassion and kindness and it permeates their culture. I wish the world would follow their example. The earth would be a more peaceful place to live in!

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