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Iceland: Expect the Unexpected

Iceland’s geothermal pools are calling my name.  I shut my eyes and dream of the outdoor theater with its rugged landscape, active geysers, amazing views and sights — starring the Northern Lights.  Today I’m indulging my adventurous and romantic side for a once in a lifetime trip to Iceland.  This mystical land is like nature’s theme park with too many outdoor adventures to list.  While I obsess about finding the perfect spot to view the Northern Lights, I tick off the things I’ll do while I’m here:  hike a few glaciers, go mountain biking and explore a cave or two.  Maybe midnight dog-sledding with my sweetie.  At the end of a long day, we snuggle up in our remote rustic cabin surrounded by snow and sky as far as the eye can see.  And I wish upon the shooting stars that I can take a tiny piece of the magic home with me.

Looking for the perfect spot to view the Northern Lights

Want to learn more about Iceland? Watch this video from the Travel Channel:

Have you traveled to Iceland?  Tell us about your experience in the comments section.

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  1. One of my favorite places in the world; nothing beats the Blue Lagoon after a morning of riding wonderfully smooth-gaited Icelandic horses.

    I really need to go back, now that I have a kid who is old enough to enjoy Vikings and hot springs; it’s such a child-friendly country and the endless hot water is fantastic. Last time I went, they still had pretty poor beer choices, but they are having something of a brewing revival, so that’s another good excuse!

  2. Just got back Monday. Loved it I so want to return. I wanted to see northern lights but that didn’t work so well bc of the clouds but did manage to see shooting stars instead. The blue lagoon was our favorite as we did and in lagoon massage while it snowed, best part it was a couples massage so my new husband got to enjoy it as well. Foods great just things are a bit expensive as everything is imported. Eat lots of lamb it’s daily cheap,and amazing also the water from the tap is the best inhave ever had.mi can’t wait to return!

  3. I’ve been here twice….in winter and summer and loved both trips. Defiantly a land of Fire & Ice….best tasting water straight from the tap….and very interesting landscape…..the Blue Lagoon was a definite plus before headed home. Would love to return.

  4. Yep, I spent 16 days there. The relaxing geothermal pool stuff is very nice … but there’s also so much outdoor stuff to do. I still want to go back and do the Landmannalaugar-Thorsmork hike sometime. I have a blog post about things you won’t find in an Iceland travel guide that mentions a few oddball things I noticed. I should probably add the fashion … some wild dressers there!

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Samantha Brown in Iceland Geothermal Pool
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