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Samantha Brown shares what it’s like to be a travel television host

The road from waiting tables to television host has been an interesting one.

I always dreamed of being on Broadway or in an LA-based sitcom. Never in a million years did I imagine myself hosting a travel show. And yet here I am! It’s crazy that the job I actually ended up landing has surpassed my wildest dreams.

This interview delves deep into how I ended up with the best job in the world, as well as the highs and lows of traveling for a living. I can’t say enough good things about my career, but being away from home 230 days a year (and sleeping in a different hotel every other night) is actually quite draining. In fact, the hardest part of the job is managing loneliness. Every night, I go to bed alone and wake up alone, knowing the people I love are hundreds or thousands of miles away. It’s really challenging, but it’s a part of the job.

All that said, I wouldn’t trade what I do for anything. Meeting new people, exploring the world and broadening my horizons every single day is something I cherish. I love seeing how people live their everyday lives. What’s a regular day to someone else might feel anything but ordinary to me. Not only does it help me grow, but also allows me to view my everyday life in a whole new light. I love what I do.

Do you travel a lot? What’s your favorite part? Least favorite?

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  1. Thanks for this warm, candid and open sharing of the behind the scenes price of being in the public eye. I love your on camera work and now I admire you personally even more for being yourself.

  2. … and those of us who have been around for the 13 years (I think I showed up in year 2), still support you and wish you the very very best. On your side are yours truly (still wandering the world, thanks), Capttuttle (still fond of Old Blighty), and the Family Orange (with whom I have contact only through Don). But we remain yours,

    Intl Doc

    1. I remember you and Capt Tuttle and Family Orange from the boards. Of course, I have zero memory what my handle was, maybe it was just my name, Lisa. Nonetheless, nice to see you again.

  3. My favorite part about traveling is meeting all the people like you said. Immersing yourself into a new culture opens my eyes to new possibilities of beauty and gratitude for the world we live in.

  4. Have always loved your shows. My favorite part of traveling is visiting different places, learning their history, meeting people. I feel that I have grown through travel. Least favorite part of travel hotel beds 8 out of 10, maybe 9 out 10 are horrible.

  5. Samantha, now that you have a family you should pitch the idea of doing a family travel show. Just about the only thing I keep finding for good family travel is Disney. We would love to see and know of great places to travel with our family’s. Thank you for the sacrifices you took to make all the shows and programs over the years. It was not in vane.

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Samantha Brown Shares What It’s Like To Be A Travel Television Host
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