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Announcing my new PBS series premiere of Places to Love

Places to Love premieres January 6 on PBS!

I’m so proud of what we’re doing and can’t wait to share this new project with you all. Our first episode kicks off in Houston, Texas. From there, we’re taking this show all over the planet, highlighting incredible destinations that’ve captured my heart.

For over 15 years, I’ve traversed continents, experienced culture, and tasted adventure. Now, I’ve joined the public television family with 13 NEW 30-minute episodes.  I’m taking viewers on a discovery of the emotional heart of travel. By seeking out the little known spots and haunts and highlighting the people who are changing, challenging and strengthening a destination. It’s all about delivering a decidedly refreshing and enriching travel experience whether you are going near or very far.  

Fun facts about the premiere season of Places to Love:

  • Best Travel experience: Driving the narrow twisty roads of Donegal in Ireland.
  • Low point: Being locked in a hotel bathroom for four hours after the lock broke off.
  • I logged 44,549 flight miles filming Season One of Places to Love.
  • While arriving in Switzerland, a storm in the U.S. delayed 22 pieces of luggage and cases of film gear for two days. I now know every crew member’s underwear preference and sizes. We’re family!

Want a sneak peek of the show?

Check out the video above. And for more of a behind the scenes experience, follow me on Instagram and Facebook.

Check your local PBS station listings for specific dates and air times. You’ re going to love Places to Love! See you on PBS!

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  1. I’m really looking forward to your new travel show. I’ve been following you for years! ❤️ I love you upbeat and real attitude about places to travel to. I’m still laughing at some of your observations and how you delivered them like when you told us that they have “frozen food” in Paris. When I was in Paris I laughed out loud in their supermarket recalling that. Keep traveling and sharing. We love you.

    1. Was so pleased with the Samantha Brown marathon this weekend. She is such a great host and traveler. Great marathon during this quarantine weekend.

  2. I grew up watching Passport to Europe and Latin America from middle school on (I’m now 25) and still watch your episodes that are sometimes found on YouTube. Passport to Europe fed my passion and love for traveling and I am absolutely thrilled for your new show! Everywhere my husband and I travel we always visit the places you visited for your show. Can’t wait to watch this new show next month! <3

  3. Your site lists 3 PBS stations in Michigan airing the show, but none of them are mine…????
    Please, please let’s get WGVU on board!
    I miss traveling with you!!

  4. Can’t find the broadcast in the Los Angeles area. PBS does not show your show on 1/6/18. Any other station or date you may be on?

  5. Loved the show! I came here hoping to get addresses / contacts for the places you visited in Houston for a visit later this year. Where do I find them?

  6. Welcome to PBS, so missed watching your show. So happy I can watch now as I don’t have cable but I get pbs. Nice to see your smiling face

  7. Eight of the first season’s 13 programs have aired … the rest just say “coming soon”. My PBS station schedule does not have any in the near future … when will they be aired?

  8. I just watched your travel show “Bern Region”. What a beautiful place. This is going in my bucket list. I wish I could live there. Absolutely breathtaking. Thank you for taking me to athat part of the world.

  9. I saw part of your show set in Texas Hill Country. Tell me the location of the wildflower farm, I missed that.
    Thank you

  10. My husband and I think you and your shows are a treasure. Your obvious love of people and experiences is contagious. Proud to have such a warm-hearted ambassador from the U.S. out there in the world. Thank you, Samantha, and Team!

  11. Love your show. Looked all over for it earlier this year and could not find it. I was looking under Samantha Brown. Now I dvr all your shows. Just watched the show in Xian. I was there a few years ago. Beautiful place. Many happy memories.

  12. Hello Samantha/Staff,
    GRRR8 piece of work, thank you. Have you done anything in Malta ????????? I came to the USA ???????? at age six with my family of eight total in Novermber, 1950 and resided in Detroit’s historical Corktown District since 1843 until 1956. We LOVED it very much with soooo many different cultures. Keep it going, you are a driving force of historical places of much culture.

  13. I love watching your show. Used to watch it all the time but somehow lost contact with it. You are so much fun to watch and your laugh is infectious lol. I just watched Donnegal, Ireland and it was fabulous. So wish I was able to travel but I travel through your eyes. Thank you and I’m glad you’re back!

  14. Hi Samantha,

    Just writing to you as a world traveler. I love your luggage line on HSN and I have even brought and then cancelled my order on HSN today 10/6/19 on your hardside croc luggage special. The reason I am a world traveler and your 22 1/2 measurement in length on the carry on is a killer for me. It means I can only use your hardside carryone within the USA which is useless for me, I personally need international measurements and your SAM line is limited so I didn’t want to just order that one piece and can’t make a full set. Is there anyway you can offer moving forward your today special in 22 1/2 inch in a 21 1/2 inch or just make it 21 1/2 inch so we can actually use nationally and internationally. Or make a separate line but that is complete line that offers everything in 30 inch, 26 inch and 21 1/2 inch and satchel and cosmetic bag. Please think about this. I love your luggage but can’t order because your special is a 22 1-2 inch card case. I currently travel with Samsonite since it does offer a 21 1/2 inch full set but it’s a shame because I think your luggage is nicer .

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