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A sneak peek of the Places to Love premiere

When it comes best destination cities in the US, does Houston make your list?

Maybe it should. As one of the largest metropolitan areas in the country, this city offers something for everyone. Not only that, but it’s really become a melting pot of all sorts of different cultures. Throw in a booming art and food scene, and I think Houston just might be a vacation destination that’s hiding in plain sight.

That’s why I picked Houston to kick-off my premiere season of Samantha Brown’s Places to Love. Check out your local PBS station for listings. Episodes begin airing January 6, 2018.

Have you been to Houston? What are your favorite things to do there?

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  1. Samantha:
    Your premiere show comes February 4 in Phoenix at 4:30 PM.
    A search on “Places to Love” at the gives no information on your show!
    I suggest you contact PBS to have them include information about your new show.
    – Dave

  2. It has been many years…..teally many, hyesrs since I have been to Houston. I was a new lady in the U.S. Air Force stationed at Randolph Air Base where pilots were trained. I was an illustrator working in Hangar 13. It was 3 women and about 400 young pilot trainees who would most likely head to Viet Nam after their training. We would go to Houston to the Officers Club for fun, dancing and all kinds of frivolity. Houston was a nice city. I didnt see as much of Houston as I would have liked so I will be watching tonight. Cant imagine a better guide than Samantha Brown. We have watched her for years and my favorite tours were when she was in Europe.

  3. I can’t find your show? I have directv cable ( not for much longer though, so unhappy with them since bought out)

  4. My Dearest Samantha. I will be watching your program with a heavy heart. You were my mother’s favorite travel celebrity through those years with the Travel Channel. There were many hours that we sat together and watched your programs. After you left TV she was quite upset and always surfed the channels hoping to see you again. She always said you would be back, that you were just too good to be kept off television. It turns out that her prediction was correct. Unfortunately though she passed away in September. Just know that she will be looking down on you with joy in her heart and a smile on her face watching your new program. Thank you for all the joy you brought her while she was here. You were her favorite.

    1. Sending love and healing energy for your . I lost my husband years ago. So I know grief. It comes and goes. I’m just a Samantha Brown fan here in Galveston tx. We go to Houston all the time. If you want to talk please email me. I’m wiccan and a sensetive.

  5. Unable to find your new show on any the PBS stations here in Santa Rosa Ca. I am very disappointed as I am a big fan and new missed any of your other shows.

  6. Cannot wait. Used to work for United Airlines and travelled to Houston often. Great city and looking forward to your perspective!

  7. I missed the first show because I didn’t see this email!! I frantically ran to the TV and found the repeat!! I have been waiting for your return for soooo long!!!

  8. Hi Samantha,
    I saw your show on Houston yesterday and was so drawn by what you chose to feature about Houston, here I am on your website. Your relaxed and upbeat attitude was a pleasure to watch and allowed you to sincerely interact with the people you met.
    Please keep your unique attitude and what you feature and don’t sell out to the posh boring all the same places we usually see. They may pay you more money to advertise their places but it would ruin your unique flavor.
    Much luck with your new series and I look forward to your next show.

    Kind thoughts,
    Sandra Richardson
    Atlanta, Ga.

  9. I could not find your show listing anywhere and missed the opening of 1/6/2018. When and what time can I see it?

  10. Love your shows! Missed the premier… but now that found the channel with no help from FrontierTV who sucks! Set it to record so I don’t miss again!

    1. Sending love and healing energy for your . I lost my husband years ago. So I know grief. It comes and goes. I’m just a Samantha Brown fan here in Galveston tx. We go to Houston all the time. If you want to talk please email me. I’m wiccan and a sensetive.

  11. Just watched your 2nd episode about Switzerland. Smiled the entire show. Now I want to have my very own perfume made especially for me! It was a delightful program as was the 1st episode about Houston. So pleased you are now back on the air. Missed your shows. Often think about the episode when you were in Capri, Italy and made the comment that you didn’t know the pants you were wearing were pronounced “Capri” and not “caprees”. ????

  12. Samantha,

    WELCOME Back!!! My husband and I have very much missed you on the Travel Channel…and let them know it. Glad you are on PBS, and Monday is a special night again.

    I hope you will continue a long while, let your fans know if there is any way for us to support you with emails to networks.

    THANKS for returning with your wit, intelligence and sweet smile!

    Jan in Florida

  13. I just saw the western Ireland/Donegal episode and OH how I can’t wait to return!! ????So glad you’ve returned to TV as well!! My daughter, 23, used to say she wanted to be Samantha Brown when she grew up because I watched so religiously..all I can say is..Me Too!! ☺️

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Samantha Brown - Places to Love - Houston premiere
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