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Go Explore: Angkor Wat, Cambodia

I still don’t believe I was ever there. Its feels more like a hallucination than a memory. Passing the haunted shapes of over 100 stone demons and Gods standing guard at an entranceway or walking hunched over thru narrow dark corridors onto courtyards where trees twist through the stone as if reclaiming the temple for themselves.

Such is the feeling of being able to play and explore in the dream that is The Lost City of Angkor now thought to be the largest pre-industrial city in the world at twice the size of Manhattan. It was built between the 9th and 14th century and at one time was home to a million people.

The main temple is Angkor Wat. With 5 towers it’s no doubt what everyone has travelled so far to see. But for me that was just the beginning. 200 temples out of 1,000 have been restored and I had a deep desire to ditch my film crew and just wander in the magnificence of this ancient jungle metropolis that holds it’s visitors in such captivation allowing each one of us to feel as if we are the first person in modern times to stumble upon it.

Budget Friendly

Just think…for a less than a movie ticket, popcorn and a soda you can see an archaeological wonder.

  • One day pass: $20
  • Three day pass: $40
  • 7 day pass: $60

Sam’s Tips

  • Photography: For best photography of Angkor Wat (the main temple) go in the afternoon. It’s western facing and therefore gets the best light.
  • Dress for Success:  If there was ever a time to look like a tourist, this is it. Because of the heat and mosquitoes wear light clothes that cover, plenty of sunscreen and a large brimmed hat. Wear very sensible shoes and bring plenty of water and snacks.

Share your travels:

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  1. Hi Samantha!!! 🙂

    I was able to watch your Cambodia episode!!! May I know where did you stay in PP and Siem Reap and what restuarants can you recommend coz Im going there in Sept? 🙂 I really enjoy watching you, it makes my stress go away, you are so pretty and seems so nice!!! 🙂 hope you can visit us here in the Philippines in the near future! 🙂

  2. So many places in Mexico and Guatemala could help to alter the negative image due to the so called “war on drugs” . for instance; the Maya gem of Palenque in south central Yucatan. across the street from where the tourists go to see the pyramid in Chitzen Itza is the astronomical observatory, the Caracol. behind grupo G near the main plaza in Tikal are graffiti like drawings depicting human sacrifice. With no accurate way to date them it could just be Western anti indigenous propaganda to denigrate the non-western, non-Christian Maya culture. closer to Mexico City is the huge Aztec pyramid complex of Teotijuacan. I spent many weeks in a vv van exploring all over these places and more. you can probably still sleep in a hammock under a waterproof “palapa” in Tikal, for more info and/or pics rsvp.


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Angor Wat, Cambodia
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