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Traveling Internationally with Kids? 4 Amazing Countries to Visit

Traveling internationally with kids is something I can’t wait to do.

I mean, eventually, when the twins are older! A few weeks ago, I shared a video post on Cambodia and China, two beautiful countries that are a little out of the mainstream, that I would love to take my twins visit.

In today’s video, I select four countries (from my adventures with Travel Channel) that I will return one day with the entire family. These all have elements that you look for on a family friendly vacation: history, wildlife, unique adventures, outdoor pursuits and a touch of entertainment from literature.

One of these countries is the home of a famous lake-dwelling monster. Another feels like traveling through the pages of child’s storybook.

Want to see my picks for traveling internationally with kids? Check out the video!

What is one place you traveled to as an adult that you would love to take your kids one day?

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  1. Both our kids were born overseas, in Europe and Asia, and we’ve traveled a fair bit with them. China is an impressive destination (lots of “big and old”). Also Singapore – so safe, easy and kid-friendly – and London of course is great for kids (great stories for each attraction). We always show them travel videos in advance of the trip for a bit of reference – usually your videos among others. This year they will visit Angkor Wat in Cambodia, Vietnam and Malaysian Borneo. (Samantha! No Borneo video???)

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Traveling Internationally with Kids
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