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The Best Place to Take Kids on Vacation

What’s the best place to take kids on vacation?

I get this question all the time. There are a lot super-parents out there searching for the biggest and most educational places to develop the young mind. While I love traveling to experience new places and cultures, there is one travel objective that sits on top of my list. It might sound a little sappy, but taking an annual trip with the family, bonding and creating memories rules all other kid-friendly trips.

Sometimes, routine is underrated.

There’s just something special about going to the same place, every year with the same people. It’s fun to see how your kids grow from year to year. Growing up, that place was Cape Cod. My family would pack up the car and head there for a week of fun in the sun. We’d spend the entire day on the beach, playing and making sandcastles. We’d eat ice cream every single day, take long bike rides and always spend a little time whale watching. It’s still amongst my fondest memories.

It’s those memories that really make travel special, and it’s the exact kind of thing I’ve loved sharing with my kids. I’ve found passing down my Cape Cod experience to my kids to be incredibly heartwarming. It’s so fun to see them enjoying the exact things I used to when I was a kid. I know this is going to make me sound old, but in today’s day and age, everything moves so fast. It’s reassuring to know that when it comes to kids and summer vacations, things really haven’t changed that much.

There are a few more things I like about visiting the same place annually.

One, it sets you up for fun traditions. Going to the same restaurant, park or enjoying the same nightly bonfire creates anticipation for everyone. And if you ask me, anticipation is sometimes ore fun than the activity itself.

Taking the same trip every year also really lets you see how your kids are growing and changing. It seems like just last week you were putting them down early in the pack and play after their first dip in the water. All of a sudden, they’re wanting to body surf or wake board. My kids aren’t quite there yet, but I know they will be in the blink of an eye.

And lastly, planning a trip to a familiar place is just so much easier. You know what to expect, and can easily pack accordingly. As someone who’s constantly going to new places, that in itself is a major draw.

What was your favorite family trip growing up? Have you shared this with your children?

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While I love traveling to experience new places and cultures, there is one travel objective that sits on top of my list. It might sound a little sappy, but taking an annual trip with the family, bonding and creating memories rules all other kid-friendly trips.

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  1. Hi Sam.
    Congrats on your twins. I remember a show you did, I think you were in China, and the lady was reading your tea leaves and you mentioned if she saw children. I am so glad that your dream came true. I am an older mom also of a 5 year old. I also got to travel a bit when I was in my 30s, but when you have children it is so much more fun. Enjoy it. FYI, I love watching you on HSN and I have one of your first sets of carryon luggage. Glad I found your website.

  2. Hi Samantha! I didn’t realize until I looked up your website that you had had twins. Mine are 20 now and watching the video of you making them laugh with silly noises really took me back. Congratulations and ENJOY EVERY MINUTE! <3 <3
    I also picked up some of your luggage on HSN this weekend and can't wait to use it on our trip to Prague, Budapest and Vienna this summer. I am definitely reading/watching all of your tips on these destinations so that I can dazzle my sister- and brother-in-law with my knowledge (they've been to Europe numerous times…me? Uh, once.) Anyway, God bless you and your family and keep the great information coming!!!!

  3. Telluride, CO our family summer vacation spot for 14 years plus 3 trips to WDW. In fact yesterday we booked our Telluride reservations for July. Best view in Telluride is from Riverside Condos building B – over looks the beaver pond which reflects the sunset Alpengrow on the box canyon cliffs with double rainbows in the summer afternoon – not uncommon. It is surreal. You should come join our crew of teen 4 teenagers! Dogs are celebrated citizens in Telluride; rumor is they have the right to vote in town elections;). It’s a wonderful, breathtaking, magical place.

  4. I have twins and my favourite place to take them is to their grand parents’ in the south of France. It’s a long journey from the US but well worth it:

  5. When my children were young, we traveled to a special island in Maine. Hiking, exploring and reading to my son and daughter while the seals would come in close, lay on the rocks and listen.
    Of course, with family in FL, Walt Disney World was our winter trip. But we always spent a few days on the beach too.

  6. As a single dad my daughter and I went to Sanibel Island every year . From age 8 to 15 it was a great spot for both of us. She would find friends to go looking for sea shells and I could always find a mom to play tennis/drink wine with. Fond memories for both of us !

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The Best Place to Take Kids on Vacation
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