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My Favorite Photo

This is my favorite photo.  I’m in Malaysia at a village of the Orang Asli (original people).  Its customary to bring them something from the main town and so I brought apples.  The children were extremely shy and very inquisitive about the color of my hair.  Our guide and interpreter told me they had never seen blond hair before. I told him to tell them that it doesn’t run in my family either!  I love this photo for the children’s faces each one of them is fully engaged in a wonderful exuberant expression.


Note: Click on the image to see the full photo.

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  1. Hi Sam. I loved the Malaysia episode. When are you coming back here?? Just wanted to ask about these Orang Semai… where did you go to meet these people? What was the name of the village?

  2. Hi Samantha, I finally found you! Congrats. on your beautiful twins! I’ve always admired you, I told my wife of 53 yrs.(Doreen), that she is a lot like you. Best wishes, Al DiTullio

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