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Where to See the Most Beautiful Hawaiian Sunrise

The awe-inspiring Hawaiian sunrise: add it to your bucket list.

I’ve been posting about these tropical islands a lot lately, and there’s many reasons why. First of all, Hawaii offers something for everyone: beautiful beaches, stunning rainforests, epic volcanoes, a rich local culture, and amazing food. It’s really like visiting a whole different country… almost a whole different planet from where I live in New York City. And while I would never tell anyone to not get their passport, if you don’t have one, no fear: you can still go to Hawaii!

One of my most memorable experiences in these islands was the morning I got up extra-extra early to watch the Hawaiian sunrise from Haleakala National Park. Sure, I lost out on a little beauty sleep, but after a cup of coffee and a quick breakfast, I was wide awake. I guess anticipation will do that for you!

In one of his Deep Thoughts, Jack Handey says, “With every new sunrise, there is a new chance. But with every sunset, you blew it.” There is no way you could start a day with a sunrise like this and think you day could somehow be ruined. Well, unless you don’t get that mid-morning nap you’ll need.

When it comes to mother nature, a photo or video is never as good as the real thing, but who knows? Maybe this clip will inspire you to finally book that Hawaiian adventure.

Check out the video to experience this stunning Hawaiian sunrise.

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An awe-inspiring Hawaiian sunrise
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