Top 5 Things to Do on a Weekend in Santa Barbara

Planning a quick getaway? Why not try a weekend in Santa Barbara.

As far as destinations, it’s hard to beat Santa Barbara. It’s got everything: mountains, beach, sunny skies, friendly people and lots of fun things to do. This is truly one of those places where I can’t help but think, “People actually live like this? No fair!”

There are a few things I love about the American Riviera. First of all, it’s a great place to paddle board. I love the water, but hate getting wet. It’s like this sport was invented just for me! Second, it’s got lots of amazing spots to make and experience art. I adored my time at Art from Scrap. It’s upcycling-meets-crafting… you can make your own souvenir from stuff that would’ve normally ended up in a landfill. How California is that?!

You’ll quickly see why I cant wait to get back to this California gem.

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