The Biltmore Estate

Ah, the Biltmore Estate. Just your average American home.

In 1889, George Vanderbilt purchased 125,000 acres in western North Carolina. His vision: to create a palace… er… private home that rivaled opulent European castles. Mission accomplished.

Builders completed the 250-room home in 1895. Today, the Vanderbilt family still lives there! Bless their hearts, they welcome the public nearly every day to  tour their home. Though let’s be honest, it’s so big I’ll bet they don’t even notice.

The estate houses 34 bedrooms, 43 bathrooms, an extravagant indoor swimming pool, gymnasium, and bowling alley. I wonder what George Vanderbilt would’ve thought of the tiny house movement?

The grounds sprawl over 8,000 acres, host a 250-acre deer preserve, and include impressive rose, tulips and azalea gardens. The Biltmore’s grounds and woodlands have approximately 30 miles of paved walkways, so wear your FitBit and go to town!

A visit to the Biltmore includes self-guided audio tours, although you may opt for a guided tour. Recommended! And please keep in mind that people can easily spend four or five hours at this place. It’s just that expansive.

If you want to experience life as a Vanderbilt (at least for a night), book a room at the Inn at Biltmore Estate.

Have you visited the Biltmore Estate? What did you think?

Travel expert Samantha Brown tours the Biltmore Estate in Asheville, North Carolina

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