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My first time ever smoking a Cuban cigar

I’ll admit to having some vices. Smoking cigars is not one of them.

That said, I’ve always been intrigued by cigars. The leather couches, the Scotch, relaxing with friends while channeling your inner Tony Soprano… cigars couldn’t be cooler.

Or at least that’s how I felt until I tried my first Cuban cigar in Montreal. I had no idea how much went into selecting one, not to mention the technique for lighting and smoking it. I hoped to feel powerful and sexy, like Madonna or something! I think I need a little more practice.

At any rate, it was really enjoyable. I completely get how an occasional cigar could be a lot of fun. Maybe on the balcony of your hotel room after a long day at the beach, with a nice rum cocktail in hand, watching the sun set over the ocean. That sounds like a slice of heaven.

Are you a cigar smoker? What’s your most memorable cigar moment in your travels?

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  1. Myself and 3 other’s went to Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada, back in the early 70’s, on a ski vacation. We purchased some Cuban cigars, hoping to bring some home. (Yes, we knew it was a no-no). At the border when they asked us if we had anything, we fessed up, hoping honesty was the best tactic. The border agent asked for the cigars, unwrapped 4 of them, gave each of us one, and said: Enjoy your “smoke” on your drive home! I guess our reward for honesty was at least getting to smoke one of the Cuban’s!

  2. The best part of enjoying a cigar in a new place is meeting all of the interesting people in a cigar lounge. Cigars attract folks from all walks of life who enjoy a common pleasure, a fine cigar. You can end up in a great conversation with doctors, preachers, engineers, and plumbers. It is all great!

  3. Great Segment! I don’t smoke and I know the health risks of doing so, but I sure do love the subtle aroma of a cigar wafting through the air on a sultry summer evening. Ah …

  4. one of my favorite memories is picking out cigars in one of the shops in a hotel in old havana. twice. i hope to return there one day.

  5. Ask your hubby to make you a Bees Knees Cocktail. Its a drink from prohibition days. Named for a lady named Bee who pulled her dress above her knees during her dance. Hence the name. Its made from: 1 oz fresh lemon juice, 1 oz honey water ( equal parts honey & water. Warmed to desolve honey. )
    2 oz gin or white run. Original made with gin. For little extra bite muddle a thin slice of jalepeno pepper in shaker. Add rest of items & shake with couple ice cubes til blended. Pour over couple ice cubes in a cocktail or tulip glass & enjoy. The jalepeno is optional, bur I love the little bite it gives.

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Samantha Browns tries a Cuban cigar in Montreal
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