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2013 Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Shopping for your sweetie on Valentine’s Day can be a challenging task, but when you love someone who enjoys travel and you have that in common, you can indulge them with gifts that will be used for years to come. Here are my top picks for travel gifts for your lucky Valentine:

Handmade Camera Strap ($25-200)

Most travel nuts love their cameras and refuse to leave home without their gear.  They spend weeks planning which lenses, cameras and filters will make that waterfall look magnificent.  Those terrible black branded straps are a sure way to look like a Target commercial, so why not treat your special someone to a one-of-a-kind or handmade camera strap.  Many of these come with matching bags too.  I recommend the luxury leather or retro look.

Buy at Etsy

Handmade Camera Strap

Samantha Brown Luggage ($39-$149)

I travel a lot and I’m a stickler for great luggage. I worked hand-in-hand with HSN to design my own luggage line that not only lives up to my tough standards, but looks great too.  The design process really began over a decade ago when I boarded my first flight that began my job as a world traveler. A job that would take me to 54 countries, traveling many miles (I stopped counting after a million) on the road for 230 days out of the year, and checking in and out of hundreds upon hundreds of hotels.  You can count on me for a great luggage recommendation—and for a Valentine’s Day gift to remember.

Buy at HSN:

Samantha Brown Square Crossbody Bag with Wristlet

Samantha Brown Luggage HSN

Travel Diary for Romantic Adventures ($20-200)

Keeping a journal of your travels is always a great way to capture the moment and lifelong memories.  Share this introspective gift with your partner by giving them a unique handmade travel journal that they will keep and cherish for years to come.  Put your own spin on the journal by adding a few time-tested travel quotes and maybe even a poem or love note (or two) to be found later.

Buy at

handmade travel journal


AirQuart Travel Ziplock ($16-20)

You may have seen one of my videos Looking Gorgeous in Under 3 Ounces.  Now you can pack your own TSA compliant travel bag with all the products you need to look your best during your trip.  These fashionable bags come in several different colors and patterns to compliment your personal style. They look great, have a slim silhouette and most important provide the TSA a clear view of all your packed items.  Give this gift to any woman in your life and you’ll help her pack like a pro.

Buy at Etsy

TSA Approved Quart Bag

His and Hers RoadID Bracelets ($20-30/each)

Perfect for the couple who is always on the go looking for a new adventure.  You can rest easy knowing your biking and hiking buddy has their RoadID with them if they hit the trail without you.  On the bracelet, you can list name, blood type, emergency contact info and other customize information that could potentially save their life in an emergency situation. The website offers doctors easy access to your medical information. As their saying goes “If you can’t speak for yourself, Road ID will speak for you.” At first RoadID was marketed to serious athletes, but anyone, especially travelers will find this bracelet a smart idea. The stylish bands make this a great gift for two this Valentine’s Day.

Buy at

Hers and His Road ID bracelet

Samantha Brown Travel Set ($12.95)

Featured in my very popular post, 6 Things I Always Bring on a Plane, this travel set will keep your loved one comfy and warm while traveling at 30,000 feet.  It comes in a variety of colors and the price is very reasonable.  This set was designed with care by yours truly and promises to be a big hit.

Buy at HSN:

Samantha Brown 3-piece Travel Sleep Set

Samantha Brown Travel Set

Pebble Watch Pre-Order ($150/each)

Stay in touch with your mate wherever they go with a next generation smartphone connected watch named Pebble.  Destined to be a favorite of travelers everywhere, this watch is infinitely customizable with downloadable watch faces and apps that will handles all sorts of tasks without pulling out your phone.  Such as alerts for incoming calls, messages and e-mails.  You can easily see this handling tipping, time zones and a covert love message from time to time.   Perfect for the last-minute shopper, this item is available for pre-order so you can put it in the card tomorrow.  Great for a him or her.  I prefer the arctic white.

Pre-Order Here

Pebble Watch

What are you giving your frequent traveler this year?

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