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Top Romantic Getaways

Wondering where to go for you next romantic getaway? Here are 5 terrific romantic hotels and destinations that are my favorites:

San Jose Hotel, Austin, Texas

Young Hearts be free tonight. The San Jose is a 1939 motor lodge turned hip hotel in the coolest neighborhood in Austin. Relive those years when you and your love used to listen and dance to live bands all night.  Austin has one of the best music scenes in the world and the famous Continental Club is right across the street.  Try to get there for a Thursday night when they host Rock and Reel.   They invite a band and the band picks a movie to see and it all takes place in their parking lot.   You guys are too cool.  Official Site:


Royal Palm Resort and Spa, Scottsdale AZ

this is one of the world’s most romantic hotels right in our own backyard -imagine taking a bath together then drying off outside on your private terrace with 10 foot  walls and plumes of pink bougainvillea spilling over the top-your nude of course.  This is a romantically intoxicating magic carpet ride to the Mediterranean with Spanish style casitas furnished with European antiques made secluded by lush gardens where the smell of citrus scents the air.  I ain’t kidding.  The restaurant features an intimate cigar and cognac room made even more masculine by a floor of leather tiles.  Leather tiles! You’ll Feel a continent away only 15 minutes from the Phoenix airport.  Official Site:


The Library Hotel, New York

The only problem I have with this hotel is that you never want to leave it-not even to see the best city on earth…it’s that good.  A boutique gem just two blocks away from the Main New York Public Library-(yes, the one with the lions sitting majestically out front), Its theme is books, and 6,000 volumes fill this hotel.  Each of the ten floors is based on the categories of the Dewey Decimal system, and then each one of its guestrooms is filled with books based on a subcategory of the floor it’s located on.   The Dewey Decimal System has never been so unabashedly romantic.  For instance, you could stay on the Philosophy floor in the LOVE room or the Literature Floor in the EROTIC room (most requested, by the way, so don’t be ashamed to ask for it yourself)  As a guest, you will enjoy complimentary amenities unheard of in New York, like a large continental breakfast, Cappuccino’s, Café au lait’s and treats served all day, a wine and cheese reception every night and access to the Poetry Garden, a greenhouse offering gorgeous views of Manhattan on its top floor.   As I said, you’ll never want to leave.  Official Site:


Sunset Key Cottages, Sunset Key, Florida

When I was married in 2006, the number one question I got was, “where does someone like you go on  a honeymoon?”  With my travel schedule, my husband and I had only four days, so we went to Sunset Key Cottages, located on a private luxury Island just a 10-minute ferry ride from world-famous (and fun) Key West.  The accommodations are charming seaside cottages with wrap-around verandas made even lazier by Adirondack and rocking chairs.  Every morning on your porch, you will wake up to a picnic basket delivered with fresh orange juice, homemade muffins, and the newspaper.  Challenging tasks include getting up from the rocking chair to head to a lounge chair at the Zero entry pool.  And to fulfill everyone’s romantic dining fantasy, the open-air restaurant also has tables lit by torches right on the sand. Official Site:


Pico Bonito Lodge, Honduras

 A luxury Eco Lodge located on 200 acres that buffer this country’s largest National Park and Rainforest.   Accommodations are stylishly rustic with all the modern amenities you need: a great shower, a flushing toilet, and those you don’t: radio, telephone, and t.v.  Try white water rafting, horseback riding on a Caribbean beach, or go on hikes through the Honduran rainforest.  Sitting and staring at a soaring 9,000-foot mountain while sipping strong drinks of the tropical kind is also an activity.  There is a pool, but an easy 15-minute walk will lead you to a water Utopia where you can act like a ten-year-old again by jumping off large boulders into deep natural pools filled with aquamarine water created by cascading waterfalls.  Laugh and splash all you want. You’ll have the place to yourself.  Take some advice from all the iguanas you see and dry off by baking on one of the five million-year-old boulders.  Honduras is easier to get to than you think, with non-stop air service from Houston, Miami, New Orleans, New York, and Dallas.  Connect to another 30-minute flight to La Ceiba.  Official Site:


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