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Off the Beaten Path Honeymoons

There are people that use their honeymoons to stay at luxury resorts or at destination towns like Las Vegas.  But other people prefer to spend their first days as a married couple with as few other people as possible and to enjoy some quiet time recovering from what can be an extremely hectic time in their lives. This is dedicated to the couple that is seeking some solace in peace, quiet, and each other.

Create Your Own Adventure in Upstate New York

In the hectic weeks that lead up to a wedding, it can feel like the happy couple is traveling at light speed.  Imagine how relaxing it would be to spend your honeymoon traveling at no faster than 10 miles an hour?  No need to travel to Venice, take your time and explore the Erie Canal system in Upstate New York on a chartered canal boat.  Mid-Lakes offers a fleet of boats that can easily be managed by a couple of newlyweds and a trained skipper will spend several hours teaching you how to safely navigate the canal and follow the rules.  After that, you’re free to enjoy life in the slow lane and to create your own romantic expedition.  The towns along the canal have public docks where the boat can be tied up, so you can go get something eat, shop and explore the area on foot or spend the night on land after a long day on the canal.

You can choose from four unique boats that are 34 feet long.  The boats offered are very comfortable in size (depending on your definition of comfort) and come fully equipped with a kitchen, bathroom, and linens.   Just bring your romantic spirit and creativity and you’ll have a voyage of a lifetime.

More information

Erie Canal Exploring
Create your own romantic expedition in Upstate NY

 One of a Kind Honeymoon with Airstream Adventures

We all know couples that have planned their wedding to the finest detail, to the point where they have no idea what they’re going to do the morning after the ceremony.  Well, maybe the best source of therapy for those couples would be to take a honeymoon without any plan at all.  Think about how much of an adventure it would be to simply rent an RV and head out onto the open road.  Airstream Escapes in Northern CA can provide you with a retro-styled Airstream trailer, the vehicle to tow it, and even a list of must-see destinations to overnight in.  I’m particularly fond of the funky 16 foot “Bambi” and could just imagine enjoying a few days of driving around wine country or the rocky Pacific coast with my hotel room being pulled behind me.

For more information check out:

Airstream Safari

Airstream Escapes

Airstream adventures - honeymoons
Create your own Airstream adventure

Nothing Says “Love You” Like a Lighthouse

You have to admit, spending some time along with your new husband or wife in a lighthouse along a remote coastline sounds pretty darn romantic.  There are a number of lighthouses all over the world that can be rented for the night, but the Whitehead Light Station, with its Victorian-style keeper’s cottage and granite lighthouse tower, would suit a new couple perfectly.   More great choices await on the west coast where you can check out the popular Pigeon Point Lighthouse near San Francisco or the panoramic and stunning Heceta Head Lighthouse in Oregon.  Check out the line below to the United States Lighthouse Society’s website to find an opportunity closer to home.

Pigeon Point Lighthouse California Honeymoon
Pigeon Point Lighthouse at Sunset

Getting married?  Already married?  Which of these three choices would you pick and why?

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