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Why I’d Recommend Yoga for Travelers

When it comes to exercising on the road,  I’ve typically turned to running or walking. It’s easy to do– just pack some workout clothes and shoes and you’re set. These days, yoga is almost as easy to do. Considering taking a yoga class on your next trip? You should!

Here’s why I love yoga for travelers:

1) Availability.

There seems to be a yoga studio in every city neighborhood. Even smaller towns often have one place to get your vanyasa on. Next time you travel, why not sign up for a class?

2) It requires little equipment.

Most studios offer mats and towels for free or a small fee. Forget workout shoes? Who cares! You don’t need ’em! All you need are comfy, movement clothes.

3) It works out the kinks.

Long hours spent on a plane or in a car wreaks havoc on your body. A good stretch is just what you need to loosen up a stiff neck, tight hips or an achy back.

4) It’s relaxing.

Traveling is as hard on your body as it is on your mind. A little exercise goes a long way to getting you back on track. Probably really good for fighting jet lag and helping you get a good night’s rest, too.

5) It’s social.

Well, talking during a class is a definite no-no at most studios. But before and after, it’s a great way to meet people, learn a little about the local vibe and get food and drink recommendations!

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When it comes to exercising on the road, I’ve typically turned to running or walking. It’s easy to do– just pack some workout clothes and shoes and you’re set. T

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  1. This very cool video is definitely a fav of all-time with my favorite yogi doing awesome backbends and amazing headstands and that favorite yogi is ‘The Always Fit and Fabulous Sam-I-Am!’ You are definitely a natural yogi as well! Take care! Staying-tuned! 😉

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Why I’d Recommend Yoga For Travelers



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