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The Most Unique Beach Experience in Los Angeles

There are a lot of unique experiences to be had in Los Angeles.

I’ve worked out at Muscle Beach, relaxed on the Santa Monica Pier and visited the cemetery of the stars. But I have to believe this one takes the cake. I love a good beach day, especially if there’s surfing involved. Don’t get any wild ideas– I’m no surfer chick, I’m perfectly happy spectating. However, how could I pass up an opportunity to hit the beach with the Surfing Rabbi.

Yep, you heard me right.

Rabbi Shifren has spent the last 40-some years surfing the waves of Hawaii, Mexico and Los Angeles. He loves teaching people of all faiths how to build self-confidence and discipline while learning one of the world’s most challenging and magical sports, surfing.

It was pretty easy to spot him in the beach’s parking lot, with his old school Volvo wagon, outfitted with boards and a bumper sticker stating “Forgive me Rabbi, for I have Surfed.” Who doesn’t like a little religion humor? If that wasn’t enough of a clue, there’s the big beard and wet suit.

We spent a few hours together, with me getting mostly pummeled with waves. Oh well, it was still really fun.

Here’s what it’s like to hit the waves with the Surfing Rabbi:

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The Most Unique Beach Experience in Los Angeles
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