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What It’s Like to Pump Iron at Venice’s Muscle Beach

It’s as iconic as Ahh-nold’s accent: Welcome to Venice’s Muscle Beach.

I like working out, but you’re more likely to see me jogging versus, say, doing bench presses. I’ve always been curious about those body builders who pump iron at Venice’s famed Muscle Beach. What are their workouts like? What do they eat? What’s it like to have random tourists ogling you as you lift weights?

I learned all about this place first-hand. I was a little scared at first. I mean, look at the biceps on these guys and gals! But of course, everyone was extremely nice and even went easy on me. Plus, I even got to realize my life-long dream of having a body builder drop and give me 20 while I sat on his back. Check that one off the ol’ bucket list!

Here’s what it’s like to workout at Muscle Beach.

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  1. What an absolutely awesome Muscle Beach workout and thanks for sharing, ‘The Always Very Fit’n Fabulous Starlet Sam-I-Am!’ Always keep jogging while pumping-up those well-toned muscles too! 🙂

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