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Why I Adore the Historic Santa Monica Pier

If you’re in LA, visiting the Santa Monica Pier is a must.

The wind in your hair, a blast of fresh salty air and a view out across a magnificent ocean — is there any better way to enjoy a ride on a Ferris wheel?  Being at an amusement park is one thing but one on a fabled and historic pier is the epitome of summer bliss.

The Santa Monica pier, along with its amusement rides, opened in 1916. The carousel that enchanted people a hundred years ago, is the same one you would ride today. How cool is that?

And although it may be a relic of the olden days, it still attracts up to four million visitors a year. I’m lucky enough to travel to Santa Monica every Februar,y and so once a year I head to the pier to play my favorite video games, take a ride on the Ferris wheel and work off my funnel cake in a violent session of Whack-a-Mole. There’s nothing more restorative and reaffirming than participating in your childhood joys.

No matter when you find yourself in LA, the pier offers a piece of summer any time you crave it. Ain’t it nice to know that on Santa Monica Pier summer is open all year-round?

What’s your favorite summer boardwalk? Share in the comments!

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Samantha Brown - Santa Monica Pier
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