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15+ Virtual Trips to Take from Your House

Your next vacation may be on hold, but that doesn’t mean you can’t scratch that travel itch from home. Here are a few ways to virtually explore some of the most incredible places on earth (and beyond).

Visit Yellowstone
virtual trips you can take from your house

It’s no secret I love the National Parks. What I wouldn’t give to hike in the Grand Canyon, experience sunrise atop Cadillac Mountain, or paddle boarding in Lassen Volcanic National Park. Good news though—you can explore some of the parks virtually!

Check out the webcams from Yellowstone. Nine cameras—one live-streaming and eight static—provide views of the current conditions around the North Entrance and Mammoth Hot Springs, Mount Washburn, the West Entrance, and the Upper Geyser Basin. You can even watch Old Faithful erupt in real time.


Experience the Canadian Rockies by Train

I’m so sad my May train trip on the Rocky Mountaineer is postponed. I’ve been dreaming of this trip for so long– threading through the Canadian Rockies on glass covered train. Until I can take the actual trip, I’ll be returning to this video from their First Passage to the West itinerary. How beautiful is this place?!

Hit up the Rides at Disney

It’s the most magical place on earth. And while you can’t currently snap photos with Elsa, or visit the haunted mansion, you can pretend! SoCal Attractions 360, which features hundreds of attractions from a rider’s point of view. If you have littles, they’ll love perching on your lap while you follow the bumpy turns, ups and downs of Thunder Mountain. And it’s not just Disney rides—they showcase attractions from parks all over the globe.


Explore the Danube by River Boat

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: there are no restrictions when it comes to dreaming and planning about your next trip. I had the great pleasure of floating down the Danube on the AmaMagna, one of the most luxurious river boats in the world. Let’s take a tour of this impressive vessel, boasting five bars, four distinctive restaurants, an expansive Zen Wellness Studio and ultra-spacious balcony suites.

Put yourself in Paris (or Machu Picchu)

Is there anything Google can’t do? There are so many fun adventures available on their Arts and Culture site—from virtual tours of famous stages around the world; to Paris’ best rooftop views; and even exploring Machu Picchu! You could spend hours on this site.


Take a Mission to Mars

When the travel is virtual, why limit yourself to planet earth? Access Mars allows you to explore the real surface of mars, using photos and data recorded by NASA’s Curiosity rover. And for wannabe astronauts, you can take virtual tours of NASA Glenn Research Center’s facilities. Think supersonic wind tunnels, the Glenn Hangar, labs and more.


Enjoy the Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Moment of Zen

virtual trips you can take from your houseSo many zoos and aquariums offer live streams, but Monterey Bay’s jellyfish cam really does it for me. It’s soothing and meditative! If you need an instant moment of zen, look no further.

Other fun animal cams include the Georgia Aquarium’s beluga whale cam, and their ocean voyager cam (find Dory! Plus, lots of sharks and rays!). The San Diego Zoo has loads of live streaming animal cams online.

And oh my goodness have you ever seen anything cuter than these polar bear cubs at Ouwehand Park in Rhenen, Netherlands?!


Visit America’s Most Famous Museums

virtual trips you can take from your house

You aren’t able to visit the Smithsonian, or the National Museum of Natural History at the moment. At least not in person. I’m thrilled these magical places offer virtual tours, allow visitors to take self-guided, room-by-room tours of select exhibits and areas within the museum.


Immerse yourself in Vietnam’s Son Doong Cave

National Geographic is known for their incredible photography, but visuals are taken to the next level in this interactive exploration of Vietnam’s Son Doong Cave. Journey through the world’s largest cave, where you will not soak up the incredible sites but the sounds! It’s a full immersive experience.

What virtual experiences have helped you feel more connected to the world? Share in the comments!

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  1. As usual, Samantha Brown brings a unique and wonderful presentation of travels most of us will never be able to see live. What a gem you are. So smart and entertaining. I don’t know if you are your own writer but, your narrative is always flowing, fun and informative. What a brilliant idea to bring your Places To Love on line adding history lessons. I want to shout out to your crew also. Particularly, your camera people. The shots they get are rich and phenomenal.
    Thanks for making this quarantine a little less boring.

  2. Love your media- thanks so much for your delicious work Sam. This IS 2020 & since my hubby’s cardiac surgery in February it’s been a nightmare. I wouldn’t let them put him in a nursing home & take care of him myself as I worked in patient care in my younger days. He can’t walk or stand anymore & refuses to eat but is lucid & good to talk to. I’m a Sagittarius who loved to travel so I love reading online travel media. I’m pretty much house bound. Thanks for feeding my imagination. Love your stuff. Blessings.

  3. As a voracious reader (a book every 5 days since I was eight), I visualize written word more readily than video, and a picture truly is worth more than a thousand words. Throw in having a wealthy gramma who took all four of us kids to Europe twice, for 3 months each time. We had our own private tour guide in each major city. Ok, I was spoiled, but it did teach me an amazing appreciation of history, art, and landscape. I can still recall the smell climbing the tiny staircase in Stratford upon Avon, the worn smooth flooring covering a Who’s Who burial ground in Westminster Abbey. A private tour of the Vatican treasury. The strange feel of the Salisbury plains. The smell of the varnish on the Queen Elizabeth…..remember spoiled? Maybe why I have spent 41 years in hotels….you picked some great spots, SB!

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virtual trips you can take from your house
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