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What It’s Like to See the Grand Canyon by Helicopter

There’s nothing like seeing the Grand Canyon by helicopter.

The Grand Canyon is one of those places I personally think every American needs to see once in their life. There are naysayers who say things like what’s the big deal? It’s just a giant hole in the ground? I know this sounds harsh, but I’m not sure I could be friends with such a person. I found it impossible to not feel moved by the visual representation of time, and to feel like a teeny, tiny insignificant speck in comparison to the universe. A little deep, but hey, I challenge you to go to this place and not get a little philosophical.

Most people simply visit the rim of the canyon. For me, I think the real view is below the rim (maybe even at Canyon Ranch, all the way at the bottom), or from waaaaay above the rim. I had the opportunity to see the Grand Canyon by helicopter and it was a much more emotional experience than I expected. I can’t really explain it; you truly get swept up in its beauty. Did my mascara run? Maybe a little bit.

Helicopter rides aren’t cheap. However, if you’re considering a splurge and will be in the area, I highly recommend it. It’s one of those travel experiences you will treasure forever– I promise! You can find helicopter operators near the canyon, as well as in Vegas. Maybe try your hand at the blackjack tables, win big and celebrate like a high roller.

Not convinced? Here’s a clip from my journey above the rim.

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What it's like to experience the Grand Canyon by helicopter.

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What It's Like to See the Grand Canyon by Helicopter
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