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What it takes to become an Olympic speedskater

Ever wonder what it’s like to be an Olympic speedskater?

Every four years, the world tunes into this quick competition, one of the most watched sports of the winter olympics.

However, in those years between the games, these athletes train hard… and without much fanfare! I’ve always been intrigued by this sport. So much grace and focus, all while flying around a rink at 30 miles an hour! It’s impressive.

On a recent trip to Vancouver, I had the great pleasure of training with US Speedskating Team. I wasn’t quite ready to get on the ice (hello, have you seen the size of those blades? Yikes!). Luckily, a lot of the training actually happens in a gym. I tried a few of their workouts and WOW, these guys make it look easy.

What sport have you always wanted to try? Share in the comments!

PS Do you love the Olympics? Here are a few gold medal-worthy winter destinations.

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  1. Awesome…My favorite speedskating hostess with the mostest! 🙂 On the subject of the winter games..I’ve always wanted to try bobsledding which would be quite an awesome adventure!

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What it takes to become an Olympic speed skater
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