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Samantha’s Most Memorable Animal Moments

In the television business, they tell you to not work with children or animals. Now, I may not have worked with a lot of children, but animals are another story. I’ve certainly had my fair share of memorable animal moments.

Some are cute and cuddly, others are big and scary (hello, longhorns!) and some are just plain weird (I’m looking at you, mister eel). No matter the creature, you never know what to expect when there’s an animal involved. I’m certainly not above screaming– may I remind you of the time I snorkeled with sharks?

Check out the video for just a few of my most memorable animal moments. What’s your favorite?

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  1. Sam you always make the most and have fun out of any circumstance! Thanks for sharing the animal collection video.

  2. OK, I know that it is lame, but seriously, who’s cuter? In every picture, I think that Sam wins, except the one with her own dog. That stuff happens every day.

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Samantha Brown's Most Memorable Animal Moments
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