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Looking Gorgeous in Under 3 Ounces

Samantha shares her packing tips and tricks for how to maximize your beauty products while you fly through the TSA security checkpoint:

Samantha shares her packing tips and tricks for how to maximize your beauty products while you fly through the TSA security checkpoint.

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  1. It’s great to see you/hear you in video form again! Can’t wait till you’re back on my TV!

    Thanks for the carry-on liquids tips and for the rest of the stuff on your blog.

  2. “… I know that sounds ridiculous but so is the scrutiny placed on a woman’s beauty”. Totally. Nailed. It. Right there. Way to go, Sammy!

  3. – I LOVED meeting all three of you and Sam is adoblrae! And yes, Sam did a great job controlling the session but we got some great images anyway! Will post more soon.

  4. Great tips, thanks Samantha! I also second Steph’s question. Where can we get the quart zip bag you use? It looks great for frequent travelers.

    1. Yes, where can we purchase the zipper clear quart bags and small makeup jars? Also, how do you label the containers? Thank you.

  5. Hey Samantha,
    I am looking for the zippered quart size Baggies that are shown in your video. Where can I find them? Thanks in advance for your help.

    1. That particular bag was part of a luggage set, please click here for a similar bag featured in Sam’s Valentine’s Day Gift Guide.

  6. Great tips – Thank you! I am curious as to how you keep track of what creams, lotions etcetera are in each little container. I have a gazillion little travel containers at this point with potions of various colors and consistencies and I have no idea what they are. I have tried putting tape on them & marking with sharpies, but the tape inevitably falls off (particularly on shower-bound items). I have tried marking directly on containers but many seem to repel ink. Any tips?

  7. To Qhopkins:
    We bought a label maker at Staples and the labels work really well on the travel sized containers. You make your own and some of the labels are a type of plastic so they are water durable.

  8. Another travel tip to do before leaving home—let your credit card companies know you will be traveling and where you are going. You don’t want to be,embarrassed because,your card was denied.

    If no one will be home, stop the newspaper.

  9. Try the solid shampoo bars that are made by Lush cosmetics. You can put them in your carry on because they are solid and you can use them for shampoo and body soap. Lots of varieties and they smell great!!

    1. I also highly recommend the solid shampoo bars by LUSH. A nice tidy size, and they make the most incredible lather. A real treat to use, and last a long time. They fit into their own little tin if you need to pack up while the bar is still damp.I use the blue one (forget the name) it has a great fresh scent. I’ll never pack liquid shampoo again!

  10. We are taking a 2 month trip to Asia. How do you pack these items for such a long trip. We will be checking our bags but want to eliminate weight.

  11. Samantha I bought your luggage set that comes in watermelon color. It is a 26 inch the 21 inch and the doctors satchel it is shinny I just can’t think of the name of the set. Anyway I love it, took it to Europe and got lots of comments on them but I have one issue. The satchel that has a place to slid over the handle of the carry on is such a good idea but it is so hard to try and get the bag off the handle it catches each time. The shape of the bag and the handle just doesn’t slide off very easy. You have to to stretch the bag over the handle one is square and one is kind of rounded. Just to let you know and maybe next time you can do something different, other than that I love the set

  12. For liquids and gels, get an AirQuart travel bag! TSA compliant, durable vinyl, fashion fabric trim, a gusseted bottom that stands up for easy packing, an interlocking zipper that secures small items, AND a built in wrist strap for grab and go convenience. is a woman-owned business. Made in USA.

  13. I love you Samantha Brown but I disagree on the samples lasting 7 days. I have colored hair and my hair only does well with a special shampoo and conditioner. We will be gone 17 days on a cruise hetween hotels and cruise and I will need more than samples.

    1. Janet I color my hair too and I found foil packets of shampoo and conditioner at Sallys’s Beauty Supply for color treated hair. Love that when I finish the packet I can toss it. It really helped when we went to Italy and all we took was carry on for 10 days. No lost luggage.

  14. Wondering what dry sunscreen is, and what kind of container it comes in. Love your tips! I also heard of leaving old clothes behind, but that would mean looking pretty ratty on your trip, no? Although I saw experienced cruisers wearing their oldest clothes and they didn’t try to impress anyone!

    1. To Margie Sell–Neutrogena makes a sunblock that comes in a stick, for face and body. It’s about the size of a small stick of deodorant. If you are in the U.S., I have seen it at Kroger.

  15. As a man, I have a zip lock bag that I put the contents of my pockets in and then place it in my carry on so that when I’m done with going through security every thing is in one place. This way nothing gets misplaced.

  16. Always love Sam’s tips and advice. Such a great feeling knowing I have already been doing much of what she advises.

  17. I only pack the following:Shampoo/conditioner/soap/toothbrush&paste&floss/deodorant/mascara/moisturizer/ lip balm. That is it. I don’t bother with all the other stuff when traveling. I put my hair in a ponytail of sweep it up in a claw comb. Tip: I save the foil packets of conditioner that come with hair color kits. They take up little room and you can toss the used packet.

  18. Samantha, thank you for your luggage, I am obsessed with my black & white ombre set, it’s made me a new fan of yours!

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