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Why Bicycle is the Best Way to Explore Napa Valley

With over 400 wineries in the Napa Valley, there’s lots of ground for wine enthusiasts to cover.

And a great way to do that? By bicycle! I like it for a lot of reasons. It allows you to enjoy the stunning Napa Valley, plus a little fresh air and time between tastings. Because let’s be honest, those little sips add up quickly, and being the designated driver is no fun!

On a recent trip, I hit up quite a few wineries, staying mainly along the Silverado Trail along the eastern edge of Napa. It connects over 40 wineries, including the Robinson Family Vineyards. These guys take family seriously (but not in a mafia kind of way). They don’t have any “employees”– everyone who works here is a part of the family, literally. If you stopped drinking merlot after watching Sideways, this might be the place to try it again. They do an amazing rendition.

Another fun stop? The Regusci Winery, one of the area’s ghost wineries. Don’t worry, that doesn’t mean it’s haunted. It just means that this place survived bug infestations, the Great Depression and even Prohibition. It’s one resilient business! I love their chardonnay– bright, acidic and certainly not your grandma’s wine (though I supposed they’ve been open so long that it might actually be your grandma’s wine). They also do a lovely rose, and if you’re lucky, they’ll have some of their famous cabernet sauvignon. They only produce this wine when the fruit is at its peak, and you can taste it.

If you do decide to tour Napa by bike, it’s a good idea to not guzzle too much of the grape juice. In fact, you could get in big trouble. If you are too intoxicated to ride, you might get a ticket and end up in the slammer for public intoxication. So, you know, have fun, but be smart about it.

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  1. >If you are too intoxicated to ride, you might get a ticket and end up in the slammer for public intoxication

    Or you could, you know, crash and die. Lol.

    I love the idea of going on a bike ride through Napa Valley though!

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Napa Valley by Bike - Samantha Brown
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