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Top 5 Tips for Experiencing Alaska on a Budget

It’s a trip of a lifetime, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do Alaska on a budget.

I’ll admit, my last trip to Alaska wasn’t exactly on a shoestring (I was there for a shoot), but I’m a practical gal and am always trying to seek out the best bang-for-you-buck options.

If you’re thinking about visiting the last frontier, I’m sure your travel plans are already in the works. Whether it’s a cruise or a Yukon adventure, now is the time to start figuring out exactly how you want to spend your time and money. So while you may be splurging on a helicopter ride or whale-watching excursion, there’s all sorts of opportunities to save a little cash.

A few places I loved? How about the Silver Gulch Brewering & Bottling Company (who doesn’t like a beer or two after a day in the wilderness), or rubbing elbows with musk ox at the Large Animal Research Station? And where else on the planet can you take a walk in the woods with bonafide reindeer? The only place I can think of is the North Pole… and Running Reindeer Ranch.

Check out this video for more on that, plus two other experiences that won’t break the bank.

It's a trip of a lifetime, but that doesn't mean you can't do Alaska on a budget.

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  1. Bucket list item soon to be fulfilled! This Texan is driving a motorhome to Alaska! My husband’s reward? Moose’s Tooth Pizza in Anchorage! (Our #1 rated pizza in the world!). Let’s hope it’s as good as it was five years ago!

  2. I’m in Girdwood (near Anchorage) for a week and it’s beautiful! The Alyeska Resort is amazing! Lots of hiking and amazing scenery.

    1. Check out Alaska fish and wildlife for species runs. You’ll be able to see what fish are running on what river. You’ll be able to buy fishing license/stamps. There is a lot of great fishing then within an hour or two. Silver season.

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Top 5 Tips for Experiencing Alaska on a Budget
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