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What It’s Like to Take an Acrobatic Flight in Key West

I’ve had a lot of interesting experiences in an airplane, but nothing quite like this acrobatic flight in Key West.

My journey began at the (fictitious) Conch Republic Air Force base. I was incredibly nervous when I arrived, but the Republic’s general, Frank Cabanas, quickly put me at ease. With over 24,000 flight hours, he’s the guy you want in charge.

I’ve always wondered how I would fare in an acrobatic plane. Would I have a full-blown panic attack? Scream my head off? Laugh like crazy? Would I need a barf bag?

As it turned out, the whole experience was incredibly fun. Not to mention, it was a great way to see the reefs, narrow strips of land and even sharks (!). Yep, nothing like getting a literal different perspective when you travel. Flights, from biplanes to helicopter experiences, aren’t cheap. However, if you plan far enough in advance, you can budget accordingly. I think every trip should have one splurge, and for me, this one was worth it.

Sadly, Frank passed away in 2013, but I will never forget the day we spent together. You gotta love a guy who embraces life to the fullest. Thank you, Frank!

For more info on how you can experience the Keys by biplane, visit

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What it's like to take an acrobatic flight in Key West.
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