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Nearly everything you need to know about RVing

* Be sure to continue to observe social distancing, and check with the campsites, parks and local government about COVID19 policies.*

You’re going RVing? I have ALWAYS wanted to do that!

This is what I heard every time I told friends that my husband and I were taking the kids on a trip in an RV. I mean E-V-E-R-Y-O-N-E. And I live in NYC, where our idea of getting closer to nature is ordering the spinach (David Rathkoff joke, not mine). During the summer of 2017, my husband Kevin and I brought the kids on an epic RV adventure through Oregon.

In light of the COVID19 pandemic, a lot more travelers are looking into exploring the USA by RV. It’s a safer way to travel, while embodying that sense of freedom you can only get from hitting the open road. I think that is a win!

Traveling by RV changed me in a way I hadn’t anticipated.

For once, I didn’t approach getting from point A to B with an attitude of seriousness and resolve, but instead, and to my family’s enjoyment, totally lightened up. There was something about the RV experience that truly made me ready for the adventure. I approached everything with a little more delight and humor.

I also love the RV community.

They really support each other through Facebook, Pinterest and all forms social media. There’s definitely a can-do spirit, combined with an adaptability to any situation, that I admired in these mobile travelers. It’s a quality I wished I possessed myself.

The friends who knew of our grand family adventure all had the same request:

Tell us how you liked it!

It made me realize that while the thought of an RV road trip is the stuff of American travel dreams, most people are intimidated by the entire process. I really hope my family’s experience convinces you otherwise. While there’s a little more thought process to this than checking into a resort, the experiences and memories created are some of the strongest my family will share.

Here are a few great articles to read to get you on your way!

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RV Road trip - Samantha Brown

One of the best ways to experience the freedom to explore is traveling by RV.

Doesn’t it feel great to hit the open road, looking for adventure? I’m always envious of the travelers who are free to roam and setup camp wherever their curiosity takes them. And that’s why RV travel is a great way for the family to reconnect and enjoy each other’s company, or at least try to, during your summer vacation.

Here are four RV destinations for your next family vacation.



samantha brown - rv - road trip

My husband and I rented an RV last summer. And boy oh boy, did we learn a lot.

While this is not an exhaustive list of things to consider, I feel it’s helpful for those of us who are just starting out. There’s no reason to be embarrassed if you do make any of these mistakes. They are shared by literally EVERY seasoned RV’er out there. The good news? This community is more than happy to help out the “new kids on the block.”

Here’s 9 mistakes newbie RVers make (and how to avoid them).




So many people dream of taking an epic RV trip, but few do.

As a newbie RVer, I’ll admit it’s a little intimidating at first. However, once my family and I hit the road, we instantly fell in love with the flexibility, spontaneity and community that comes along with an RV camping trip.

Here are seven types of people who should consider embarking on this kind of adventure.


3 of the Most Underrated Road Trips in the USA

Lake Michigan Circle Tour

You’ve heard of the Pacific Coast Highway, the road trip from Miami to Key West along highway one, and Route 66. But there are so many other adventures to be had in the USA. Here’s a few drives you may be less familiar with. For those of you touring via camper or RV, provides excellent information on where to camp in all 50 states.

Driving Lake Michigan’s Circle Tour

Road Tripping the Best of the Southwest

Historic Highway 61: The Best Road Trip for Music Lovers

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Thought of an RV road trip is the stuff of American travel dreams, however, most people are intimidated by the process. Here's some helpful insight to make your RVing dream a reality.

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  1. Great trips especially the RV. Doing New Zealand by Caravan (US translation camper van). Was great. Prep by driving US left side, then when we got to Auckland got our Maui 5 cylinder camper van diesel (cheaper fuel, 20 mpg) we headed to nearby industrial park practiced driving left side, even had A round about. Campgrounds on
    Edge of town and bus stops to take you into city. No parking issues. Day pass.
    Can camp on Many beaches for free. One small town had only one campground on beach. Marigene checked in handed us our map and site assignment Laughing. Top of it read “Clothing Optional”. It as very cool out so no problem everyone wanted to stay warm. Keep up great travel shows! Consider a self drive houseboat or canal boat in Europe.

  2. We loved renting an RV to go to a National Historic Park where there was no hotel; it was out in the MIDDLE OF NOWHERE so we could watch the stars. When we woke up the first morning we realized we didn’t have any matches and couldn’t get the burner to auto light. Some fellow RVers gave us tons of matches. Our vacation was saved! This was a fabulous option for us to see someplace you can’t stay any other way.

  3. We had an RV for many years and traveled with our three teenagers from Maine to the Florida Keys and west. However, I personally did not like the intimate relationship I had developed with the right side of the road – looking straight down steep slopes as well as into the depths of rivers and valleys. A little too close for comfort for me.

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