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Big News: Samantha Brown’s Places to Love is coming to PBS!

I have some BIG news: I’m filming a brand new travel show for PBS!

The new series, called Samantha Brown’s Places to Love, kicks off in Texas. From there, we’re taking this show all over the planet, highlighting incredible destinations that’ve captured my heart.

We don’t start airing until January of 2018, but follow me on Instagram and Facebook for behind the scenes photos and video.

I’m so proud of what we’re doing and can’t wait to share this new project with you all.

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  1. Wonderful! You were so kind to my wife Anita and I at Disney Animal Kingdom Lodge . We will be watching!

  2. yay! Yay!! and a BIG YAY!!! Look forward to what you and the crew will bring to us viewers this time. You have been missed – can’t you tell?!

  3. MAZEL TOV & MAGNIFIQUE! Had the pleasure of talking to you on phone/air when I was buying my fave rollaround & dr’s tote! Europe in 3 wks with only those 2 items–and I’m one who usually schleps everything! Love your style and thrilled you will be on PBS–my fave! Charlie Rose should have you on (hint, hint!) discussing travel in these tricky times. Bonne chance!

  4. YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Out of breath)YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Looking forward to your new show. Congratulations!

  5. I am beyond excited to see Samantha back on TV! I am going to Europe for the first time in July and I’ve been looking for her shows to be inspired.

  6. It will be good to have you back on TV talking about places you have visited and the people you meet!!!

  7. I would love to see travel shows for senior citizens especially traveling single. I am a widower and want to travel but not with a large group.

  8. YAY, SAM!!! The BEST is BACK!!! I have missed you beyond words! I’ll be watching EVERY episode! <3

  9. Hi Samantha! Thank you for dancing with me at Gruene Hall in New Braunfels, TX. You’re a great dancer… if this whole TV thing doesn’t work out, you could be my partner in giving dance lessons! LOL!!!!!!!! Good Luck on your new show!!

  10. I can’t get enough of you Samantha Brown! I love your sense of fun and humor, and bravery to try (almost) anything you’ve never done before. I will have Tivo programmed and ready for your January arrival! Thanks for thinking of us! 🙂

  11. I’m always looking for you, tv isn’t the same without you. I’m anxious to see the Texas Hill Country show. We live vicariously with you on all your trips.

  12. Great to hear you’re coming back to TV. I always thought you were a better fit for PBS than the Travel Channel. Perhaps you and Rick Steves could get together for a holiday special of some kind in the future.

  13. Samantha’s shows are informative, entertaining & fun! I have followed her programs for years. She always makes me feel uplifted! Thanks for sharing your talents with us Samantha & crew!

  14. Such wonderful news and on PBS, too! An afternoon treat is watching some of your old shows that I have on Tivo!!! So looking forward to new episodes of your travel adventures!

  15. This makes me SO happy. I was just thinking about how I miss you on TV and how long it’s been, which is why I checked out your site.

    I’m also really happy it’s on PBS because I won’t have to worry if I get the channel or not (hopefully). PBS has given me some great programs like NOVA, Celtic Woman concerts, Call the Midwife, and now Samantha Brown’s Places to Love! It’ll be interesting to hear your advice now that you’re a wife and mother too.

    1. Yay!! I was so thrilled to turn on the TV tonight after work & couldn’t believe my eyes!! So wonderful to see you back on TV, traveling????????????. I hope you plan to visit the best little islands in Belize & in the Caribbean also! Best of luck to you !!

  16. So happy for you Samantha, the psychic in me knew I’d be seeing you around again very soon ..just a matter of where.. pbs is a fine quality tv station..I’ve watched it since I’m a child ..again all the best to you
    I love a good tvl show.. my dream is to tvl every where..not quite there yet..

  17. Awesome, I will watch for sure. Honestly the only thing I really watch anymore is sports and PBS. After the buyout Travel went way downhill.

  18. Please come visit Post Ranch and Big Sur after the bridge opens! We could use a Samantha Brown exposé!

  19. I’m really glad that you will be on t.v. I will be watching. Hopefully you will fall down, be afraid of things, jump up in the air before landing on a mattress or couch, slide down banisters, subtly comment that those barrels of tequila was your intake last week, wonder on the great wall of China how Genghis Khan must have felt, point out to us U.S. citizens that their is a convenient “steamed duck” setting on the microwave at the Beijing hotel you are staying at, have your shoe fall off in a zorb while traveling downhill, and enjoy a motel room that has lots of orange colors and shag (ala 70’s motif) remarking that it reminds you of another trip you went on around that time period. And, it probably won’t happen, but I hope that you and Anthony Bourdain do do something together, like Ballet, a chocolate spa, or pointing out hidden Mickeys surrounded by 100 kids.

  20. I am so excited you will be back. I used to tell people at work ” I traveled here, I traveled there, so many places in the world.” They would ask “when and with who?” I would say “last night or yesterday with Samantha Brown!” Looking forward to traveling with you again. I own a set of your luggage so now when I travel you come along with me!!

  21. I used to watch yoru great hotels show every day at lunch in my company’s cafeteria. I almost felt like I was home watching tv for a few minutes…I even have some of your disney shows downloaded to my ipad that I watch while I am on the plane flying to disney world. Keep up the travel shows! We love them!

  22. Hi again Sam, it’s been a long time! So excited to have you back on the ole travel tube again 🙂 Best Wishes on your new project.

    Your fellow “demented sister” in Reading Pennsylvania,

  23. I have really missed your fun personality and am so glad we’ll see you back on TV!!
    (I never write in for this stuff but really mean it 🙂

  24. Wow, finally Samantha you are coming back to TV!!! Can’t wait to see your shows as some of the places you have featured on your travel programs I have visited! I absolutely fell in love with these places, all thanks to you!

  25. I went to the library yesterday and borrowed Samantha Brown’s Passport To Great Weekends volumes 1 and 2, plus
    5 Kristen Wiig movies.
    I know they don’t know me at all, but I know a little bit of them.

    PBS (PBS, whose stations and original programs used to be funded almost entirely by viewers!)

  26. You made us want to go and vacation in Italy ,and we always think about that magical vacation and it was because of you !Can’t wait to see you again on tv.

  27. I am so excited have loved Samantha brown since day 1 on the travel channel and was so bummed out when her show stopped have watched the first episodes of this already and will DVR every episode thank u Samantha for coming back

  28. Hey Samantha,

    A friend in Florida saw the episode we shot in Brooklyn. It’s not scheduled for my area yet, but will keep looking for it. Please drop me a line if you can. All the best, Suzanne

  29. I’m super glad to hear that Samantha Brown will be back on the air. I missed you giving the scoop on all the great places to travel and visit, really looking forward to your return, I’m a superfan…

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