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Sam’s Special Announcement

We have waited such awhile for the love of a child

But our path faced strong headwinds

Our troubles have passed and now, at long last

Our joy doubled, we’re expecting twins!!!!

-Samantha & Kevin



Samantha Brown and her husband Kevin recently announced they are pregnant with twins! Β A boy and a girl.

Got a great suggestion for baby names? Β Add them to the comments section below…

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  1. How wonderful!! Im thrilled for you! I too know the struggles of concieving so I understand how sweet this must be for you! Im guessing from the pink and blue booties its a boy and a girl! I would suggest Perry and Piper!! πŸ™‚

  2. With your heritage I would like to suggest “Beckett and Kate”. But the names are only such a small part of the journey you both are on. Sincerest congratulations!

  3. How exciting!!! Congratulations to you both, and best wishes for two wonderful bundles of joy!! When are you due? I will try to think of some good name suggestions…however, I am sure you have some beautiful names from around the globe swirling around as possibilities!

  4. CONGRATS!!!! So happy for you two.

    OK…I have one name to suggest:

    Ciso’s Nepalese for ‘cold beer’. Who doesn’t like a cold beer! He/She would be set for life!!!

  5. Brendan and Brigid, they are both Irish saints known to be the patron saints of travellers and seafarers. (they also happend to be the names of my mom and her brother )

  6. If it’s a boy and a girl: Jackson and Julia. My son Jackson would have a sister named Julia if we could have had another one.

  7. Congratulations!!! I have watched you for so many years and now you both are about to go on the best journey yet! πŸ™‚

    Names, from some one who loves Ireland……Kerry and
    Liam of course!!

    Best wishes!

  8. Congratulations! Becoming a parent is by far the most exciting adventure you will ever have. Praying for their safe and healthy arrival.

  9. Great news!! I would love to have twins!! Maybe one day….I’m picking Olivia and Alexander. Classy and classic. Feel free to borrow the names!!

  10. My husband and I have picked Iona for the daughter we are expecting right now. Its the sacred Island in Scotland where the book of Kells was started. My eldest daughters name is Daytona.
    When we were picking out boys names we had Stirling after Stirling Castle in Scotland.
    I also like the name Ireland, Collum, and Irish.
    We are in the habit of naming our children after places we’ve been and loved. I love naming children after cities and places its a great trip when they get older πŸ˜‰
    Good Luck and Congrats this is so awesome I’m overjoyed for you both!!!
    Surina Brewer
    Glendale, AZ

  11. Many heartfelt congratulations to both of you! As a parent of 2 college-aged adults it took us 5 yrs of fertility treatments to eventually get pregnant. Whatever names you choose will be personal but we tried to incorporate our parent’s (names) for middle names to keep that connection to their roots! Keep us posted along the way!

  12. Summer and Kody just came to mind. In keeping with your first name letters. There are millions of name combinations…good luck!

    Congratulations !!

    … and thanks for all of the wonderful trips around the globe.

  13. As soon as a child enters this world, a mother and father are born! Congratulations to both of you!!! You will weep with joy at the sight of them, and you will be forever truly grateful for the blessing of these precious souls in your lives! What amazing news!!! Thank you so much for sharing this part of your life with us!!! Love to all of you and enjoy this enchanting time!

  14. Yay! I love Samantha Brown.. I am a journalism major with hopes of getting a job similar to hers one day! Congrats! And Im a twin! Youll love it! Yay!

  15. If I had known in time, I would have gone to see you in person at Biltmore in Asheville, NC.
    Yeah for your baby news <3

  16. Sadie, Sara, Clara.
    recommendation though, I named all 3 of my kids after I saw them. I picked names then changed them after the babies were born.. for example, my middle child was so tiny and petite I decided to give her a tiny name (Amy).

  17. What wonderful news! I also love Brendan and Brigid (or Bridget), for the connotation and for how they sound with an Irish surname. Congratulatons!

  18. Congratulations and many blessings! I see many trips to Disney in your future, as if you don’t visit enough now!! =)

  19. I am always thrilled for others who have climbed the mountain I did many years ago. How you will treasure them. I am taking a fascinating course which inspires these names to consider:

  20. I thought your special news was going to be about the iPhone 5 but it’s not. Congratulations though, kids are cool too!

    I vote for Melvin and Melina. Melvin was my buddy Josh’s imaginary friend in elementary school and Melina is this girl I know from San Jose. They both start with “m”. n_n

  21. I always thought you had the best job in the world, but now you will soon find out, that it was the 2nd best job. Being a Mom, is #1.

    I am thrilled for you both.

  22. Wow, CONGRATULATONS!! I’ve watched your shows for years and you inspired me to travel, so I have no doubt your twins will be blessed with relation to you. πŸ™‚ I agree with the other ladies: Brendan and Brigid sound perfect. Congrats again and God bless.

  23. Hope, Promise, Faith. Samuel, Isaiah, Kory. I gave you 3 for each. Enjoy many years of happy health loving fun family life!

  24. Our darlings are Eilla (eye-la) (hence worldly connection of island or isle); our son is Kyan (like Ryan only with. K) (worldly connection to the pepper) πŸ™‚ congrats!!!!!!! How wonderfully exciting! You will definitely see Disney World now in such a different light taking the little ones there.

  25. Congrats to the both of you! (Hey, your hubby had a part to play…) Twins! As for names, I am fond of Arthur and Victoria. (My kids are named Arthur and Victoria) Francis and Elizabeth, George and Grace (or Gracie), Phillip and Elizabeth, there are so many choices. Again Congrats!

  26. CONGRATS to you both. What exciting news. I cannot wait to get updates on their progress and, of course, yours too Samantha. As for names, my 2 favorite are Madison or Cheyanne (girl) & Michael, Ryan or Adam.

  27. Sam and Kevin, we could not be more excited for you both! Remember we have triplets–two boys and a girl–now 27 years old. Time flies when you’re having fun! If you need some multiple pointers and free advice, give us a ring!
    Karen and Zvi Krugliak-Brit Olom Tours

  28. So happy for you and your husband !You are in for an adventure, but I know you are no stranger to that! Some name suggestions:



  29. Yay!!!!! Sending you heartfelt congratulations & best wishes from your home state! You are embarking on the most incredible journey of your life. My son Dylan will be 5 months this week & I have known no greater joy than the love & happiness he brings me every day πŸ™‚

  30. CONGRADULATIONS… HERE ARE MY SUGESTIONS FOR TWIN NAMES: 1) Ying, Yang 2) Peace, Apple 3) Twitter, Facebook 4) Dawn, Fillup 5) sam, kevin 6) Dali, Lamma 7) Monkey C, Monkey Dew 8) sean, shawna 9) Samantha-Brown, Antartica, 10) Three(3), Thirteen(13) …OR ANY COMBINATION OF THSE CHOISES. GOOD LUCK AND LET US KNOW ON FACEBOOK The NAMES YOU CHEose AnD WHERe YOU GOT THEM. πŸ™‚ thansk you.

  31. Just don’t blend the two of your names together to make a new name….Samevin? or Kevmantha? That’s just wrong…and don’t go with the ‘popular-for-now’ names like Snookie or Seth Rogen…Go with more traditional names like Lilith and Phillip…that way you can call them Phil and Lil…nice. Congrats you two!

  32. Congratulations, how amazing that someone with such a vivacious and insightful spirit is going to be a mother :). I personally have a lot of unique names for girls picked out but my husband likes “normal” names. I love Avonlea, Vivienne, Margaret, Lenore/Eleanor, Morgan, Jadis, and Juliet, some of which are inspired by stories that I love. I also like Keilana because it means “gloriously calm.” I personally suggest inventing a name that doesn’t sound outlandish but is something obviously original. One tip, though; coming from someone who has grown up with a unique name, it helps so much if it is spelled in a way that is easy to pronounce!

  33. My only tip is know that what ever name you pick was picked with love and joy and pay NO attention to comments from others about the names that you have loved and chosen. And that includes your own children. My beautiful daughters name is Isabel Amanda. At 6 yrs old she asked how old she had to be to change her name, I said 18. She said that she was sorry, but she did not like it and was going to change it to MATILDA!! Hahaha! Yes, Oh yes said, that is a much better choice! She is now 16 and loves her name. Enjoy!

  34. Sam with all the places you traveled you surely fell in love with one or two places. you can name them after that place or people who have inspired you throughout life. Congrats to both of you. personally ancient Greek names for Boys or Girls would be perfect

  35. Names – read Freakonomics, and treat what you learn there with suitable seriousness.

    Let me offer two boys names, Jose (Kev will get that one) and people tell me another Kool name is Pat…….there,I said it!

  36. Congratulations to both of you! I wish you a wonderful pregnancy and two happy, heathy babies. As for names, PLEASE pick “nice” names, no fancy spellings that no one will ever get right, or weird sounding names. Pick names that will sound “good” on teens and adults, something that your children will be proud of. My choices?? Micheal and Meredith, Kevin and Kristen (two of my childrens names!).

  37. Oh, and most of all, CONGRATS!
    You have traveled some amazing roads…and quite well, I might add. I’m sure you’re going to find that parenthood is one of the most wonderful, unique, difficult roads you can take, but I know you’re fully equipped with 4-wheel drive! Like all of the endeavors you’ve met head-on, I’m sure you’ll do amazing as a mommy!

    As the mommy to two wonderful little ones, I am always hoping that someone will create a travel show that features the real chaos of traveling with children! Would that be your next move??

    Please do so! I want my children to be well-traveled, but the thought of traveling with two little ones kind of freaks me out!
    Anywhoo, congratulations!!

  38. How about ” Ian Christopher O’Leary ” for your son, and “Abigail Ellen O’Leary ” for your daughter ? or maybe ” Liesle ” from your “Sound of Music ” days at Pinkerton Academy !

    Congratulations Kevin & Samantha ! Welcome to the wonderful world of parenthood ! We are so happy for you both. God Bless you & your family !

  39. Yay! Congrats! I miss you on the air…long time, no see!


    Audra Leigh
    Micah Guthrie
    Tiffanie Marie
    Nola David

  40. Hey Sam! It’s been a while…since Mexico! So excited for you guys! I just had my first one last November…we named him Liam….suggestions for your lil ones…is Luca….that’s a fabulous name! and Hannah just bc I am partial to it! congrats again and hope u actually rember ur PA and Production Coordinator! lol…congrats again!

  41. Congratulations!!! Children are such a blessing!! I like the name Waverly for a girl and Winston for a boy:) Best wishes to you:)

  42. That is wonderful news….congrats!!!!!
    Girl name: Londyn
    Boy name: Brandyn

    They are twins so names should be kind of similar and you’ve got a travel theme with Londyn (London) and Brandyn, well it rhymes with Londyn πŸ™‚

    Good Luck and congrats again!!!!!

  43. Congrats! I have a boy/girl combo myself! Their names are Kennedy and Brody. I wish you all the luck in the world! A few more suggestions: Addison, Grace, Keegan, Brice, Brayden.

  44. I’m so happy for you! I thought perhaps you’d given birth when you took time off. I agree with those who suggest names from places you’ve been. But as one who works with a database and has to add titles and gender, it is extremely frustrating trying to add gender to some of today’s names. Don’t do that your children. Have fun!

  45. Sam and Kevin, Congratulations on the news. Be it boy and boy or girl and girl,they will have two very incredible parents.

    makes one wish that you could do a extended scene,an afterthought ,so to speak,of you getting your fortune read in New Orleans and the one in Asia.

    Again congrats,who knows maybe in a few years it’s the” Brown’s Field Trips”,a series of traveling with kids.

  46. So happy for you both…picking a name is fun and important…enjoy! A couple of ideas might be Kaitlyn and Kellen…..Lana(sounds like Anna) and Lance…..Brielle and Blake….

  47. Very excited for you both. I wondered when I saw the picture of you in front of the Biltmore… You look beautiful. I like the names Isla and Ian.

  48. Everyone is giving you all of these trendy or worldly suggestions (which makes sense giving your travels).

    HOWEVER…you should also consider naming them something easily pronounceable in case they’re ever sitting at an aiport being paged for a gate re-assignment or seat upgrade. It’s so sad when a name is butchered over an intercom.

    With that said – want to say congrats and that I’m so happy for you both! What a fantastic blessing!

  49. With Travel being engraved in your veins, and stamped upon your heart, your beautiful children would be well suited with Country themed names! For boys, I really like Dublin, Kazakh (pronounced Ca – zick) (after Kazakhstan) Jordan, Egypt, or Morocco. For Girls, I like London, Paris, India, Ireland, Zealand, or China : ) Congratulations Samantha Brown! You have truly inspired me as a young boy, and now that I’m older, I’ve been all over the world… and it wouldn’t have happened without your inspiration! Best of luck to you, your husband, and soon to be children.
    : )

  50. I don’t have any specific names in mind but I will tell you to go on all of the baby product websites and ask for coupons! Huggies, all of the formula companies etc. most of them will send you coupon books and the formula companies will send you “checks” for up to $15.00 each! all providing you even use formula. I’m so excited for you and your husband! hope you are feeling alright!

  51. Dear Sam and Kevin Congrates on your 2 miracles!!! May they bring you hours of fun and happy memories!!! God Bless your new family!!!

    here’s my 2 cents worth of names Ive always liked Riley Hope for a girl and Matthew Christopher for a boy..No real meaning to them just liked them..Take care and wish you a easy pregnancy!!!

  52. Congratulations to the both of you! I would suggest Nellie, for Nellie Bly who traveled around the world in 80 days for a newspaper stunt, and Jules, for her inspiration-Jules Verne.

  53. Congrat’s you two!!! Some names that are a little more worldy (at least to me) Artimis and Joanna. But mostly – congrats and good luck with chossing names that are just right for you! Don’t forget to try yelling them out the front door – if it’s too much of a mouthfull – you may want to reconsider – lol! πŸ™‚ Congrats again and enjoy the blessing of parenthood!

  54. WHOA! i remember watching an episode where you were in the french quarter and your palm was read and she told you that you would have twins!!! i live near there and seriously need to find her! haha wow congrats your babies are so blessed to have you as mom your gonna be awesome!

  55. So happy for the both of you. We have twin boys age four.It’s fun and hard work , but soo worth it.Wishing you all the best.P.S. Ilike Elegy for a girl.It means very beautiful , and Cosmo for a boy.

  56. I like Jennifer Mershon and Levi Henry for the new little ones
    We are all so very happy for you both!!
    You have brought a lot of happiness and joy to us all.
    Lok forward to seeing the new ones.:):):) HAPPY HAPPY!!!!

  57. Congratulations to both of you! What a gift. I’ve always been partial to family names, I gave my first son my maiden name as his middle name Bennett-ironically it means blessing and I never knew that, and my second son bears my mother-in-law’s maiden name, Doran, which means “peace in the home.” My best advice is to make sure the initials don’t spell anything bad, our third son’s initials spell out AWW…so cute!

  58. Congratulations too you both. I remember one of your shows you did from New Orleans and you went to either a palm reader or physic and she predicted that you would have twins one day. At the time it made you laugh.

  59. Sam and Kevin – I am SO HAPPY for you two!!! I watch all the reruns over and over and I’ve been missing you! Didn’t a fortune teller in New Orleans tell you that you were going to have twins???

  60. I’ve been missing you on TC, but so very happy for your new adventure! Congratulations!
    Love Savannah for a girl. How about Leo for a boy? (for Leopold’s Icecream in Savannah?) Ha!

  61. I happen to love the name Saoirse (prounouced Seer-Sha), an Irish name that means freedom. That would be for a girl. Not sure about a boys name.

  62. Anreise and Jornada—German and Spanish for journey. And what a road you will travel with twins! Congratulations!

  63. One And Two , Because There’s More To Come , Kidding For Boy Kelewina And For A Girl Kamaka , That’s Hawaiian For Kevin And Samantha . Best Wishes

  64. Congrats! My daughter’s name is London Noelle. I have two cousins named Dallas and Austin. I also now a guy who named his son Boston. Good luck, I love being a mother!

  65. Dear Sam and Kevin… Congratulations!

    I suggest CHRISTOPHER, the Patron Saint of TRAVEL!
    Love you! from Jim Brown in Orlando, Florida

  66. Congrats. Since you travel so much how about Bali for a girl. Can be pronounced as in the country Bali or like Bailey. Haven’t come up with a boy’s name yet.

  67. Yea for you guys! Congrats on your biggest adventure yet! As for names, my only suggestion is to not give them names they will have to spell out for people for the rest of their lives.

  68. I’m so happy for you Sam!! I’m gonna name my kids Hermia, Valarie and Damon. You can use those names too if you like. Congratulations on the wonderful news!

  69. Congrats!! I remember an episode of New Orleans on Travel Channel on the weekends show where Sam had a reading that predicted she would have twins!!!

  70. Wonderful news! How about Savannah and Charleston? Keep traveling ~ it’s the best gift my parents ever gave me and I’ve done my best to pass it on to my own children!

  71. Yay ! Congratulations to you both, so happy for you! Loved watching your show! Thank you for sharing your happy news with us! I suggest Maximillian and Elizabeth. Best wishes for healthy and happy babies!

  72. Congrats Sam & Kevin! My husband & I traveled a similar road but without the happy ending that you two have… so I am really thrilled for you & will share in your joy! Okay… so you wanted creative names… these are definitely not regular, run-of-the-mill names, but they do speak to your globe-trotting passions: Atlas (boy), Compass Rose (girl)! What do you think… too crazy?

  73. We have 18 month old twin boys. The second they laid those sweet babies in my arms I knew I was meant to be a mommy. The first 4 months were the toughest, but those days flew past. Now we have toddlers running around, places to explore and never ending giggles and hugs. Congratulations!

  74. Boy, I feel like a stalker. We also have roadblocks to pregnancy and wouldn’t trade our decision for IVF for the world.

  75. congrats! how exciting!!! I always liked the name Genevieve for a girl, or even Geneva. As for a boy, I always like when a baby is named after their father. Good luck with everything!

  76. Congratulations from another who has been on your journey, but it’s so worth it and we thank our blessings every day for our beautiful daughter. We named her Holly Heather, Holly for my favorite time of year and Heather because it is mine and my grandmothers middle name, who passed away 6 weeks after I was born, so very precious. Enjoy this most special journey, the best trip of your lives!

  77. ..hey kids..don’t necessarily dilute the joy you’re experiencing with outside influences..but research the subject of names from around the world..Samantha, you’ve traveled everywhere..use YOUR experience..Your imagination..YOUR love..and Kevin’ choose your children’s names..yours is the final decision!! You have been my favorite Lady for the past 12(?) have ALL the assets to choose angel intelligent person you are..with all the experience and background of your travels..take your time..and choose well..but let the decision be yours..deserve it. I can’t wait for the big day..when are you due???…hugs and kisses and all the good things to you and yours..XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXO..from your #1 FAN……;)

  78. ..P.S. …here’s hoping you’ll somehow return to us..your fans..on the Travel Channel..I’ll pay for the nanny(ha!ha!)..we MISS you like we would our every heartbeat and breath..seriously!!! Please return when all the dust settles???..XOXOXOXO..;) And don’t let anything happen to you on the interim…that would leave a BIG empty space for us are special, Samantha..bye ‘fer now..;)

  79. Wow. Congrats Samantha and Kevin,
    I am very happy for you both. Hey Sam didn’t that psyhic you see tell you you were going to have twins a boy and girl. I was wishing you would have a child, so two is equaly blessed.

    For a boy I thought Korey James Oliver.
    For a girl I thought Sadie Jane Olivia.

  80. Congrats Sam and Kevin! I wish all the best to you and your growing family!

    I love the names Harley and Quinn for a twin boy and girl! πŸ™‚

  81. Hi Samantha, I was thinking about how much you love Hawaii and came up with : Kai for a boy which means Rejoice and Aolani for a girl which means Bright Star.

  82. Congratulations!! What a wonderful time in you and your husband’s life! Do you remember in one of your travels to New Orleans the lady palm reader predicted you would have twins? I don’t remember if it was a weekend travel special or a regular feature on the city…

  83. Congratulations to you both! Your life will be so blessed with your beautiful babies. As the mother of identical triplet boys (and a daughter who’s one year older than the boys) I can’t stress enough the importance of naming them and raising them as two separate individuals. My “babies” are now young adults and have each told us separately how much they appreciated not having a name that rhymed with their siblings, matching first letters of their names…nothing the same. Also, since their first birthday, they each have gotten their own birthday cake. It’s *not* the path of least resistance, Samantha…it’s easy to get caught up in the “twin” moments and fun part of having twins. Years later, they’ll THANK you for every photo you took of each of them separately, not with their twin, and for every time you made that one child–not “the twins”–feel special. Again, congratulations…you’re going to have such fun. Really!

  84. Congratulations!!!!
    My husband’s only stipulation for our daughter was an Irish name.. our daughter is Molly…
    While my first reaction was “really?”… I do love that she has a connection to her roots πŸ™‚

    I am sure that you will find perfect names, whatever they are!

  85. Wow. This has got to be the post with the most comments on it. Congratualtions, Samantha and Kevin! Twins! OMG!

  86. Sam, I love your show. I watch it on DVD as I don’t have cable. Anyhow, WOW you are pregnant!!! Congratulations to both of you!!!!

  87. Congratualtions!
    It would be a very happy and difficult beginning.
    I come from Taiwan, I love your show very much.
    I’ve twins (boy & girl), they are now 18 years old, and just become freshmen.

  88. Congratulations! You have got to be the most glowingly beautiful pregnant lady I have ever seen. Best of luck getting your adorable figure back after delivery. Want to see you again on TV in a tiny red bikini on a Caribbean Island.

  89. Milagro (call her Mila) meaning miracle, and Matthew meaning gift of God. In any case, they will be well loved by all your fans and well wishers along with you and your families. Congrats

  90. Congratulations and we have wondered “where’s that Samantha Brown lately?” How wonderful for you and your husband. We hope you will be back to tv sometime, but enjoy your family first and foremost.

  91. SO happy for you!!!

    How about Clementine and Colin??

    Or..if two girls Clementine and Sophia

    Or if two boys..Colin and Liam…

  92. I love you on the Travel Channel, Samatha. I’ve missed you and sent a msg saying so. Can’t wait to see you again on tv in January!
    I like the names Kory and Kyrie, Kory for her and Kyrie for him. Maybe this could work, Kory for him and Simetha for her. Good luck and all my heart happiness for the four of you!

  93. Huge congratulations!!!!!!!! How wonderful for you and Kevin!!! I wish you a happy and healthy pregnancy!!! My name suggestions are Kimberly and Nicholas.

  94. Hi Sam! Congrats- get ready for a wonderful adventure! I would suggest Aidan and Nadia- note the spelling, as Aidan spelled backwards is Nadia, and of course, vice versa. Or you could use my name- Tamsin- which is an old English female version of Thomas. Congrats again!!

  95. I’ve missed you, and now I know why! Great news!
    How about “Scotland” & “Ireland”? Joking, kind of. Just places I always wanted to visit, now too
    old to trave overseas, darn it! You go for me.

  96. How about the beautiful Irish names of Finn,
    Kennedy, or Quinn? Can’t wait until you are back on the travel channel regularly !

  97. How odd! I just watched your “Passport to Great Weekends: New Orleans” show and the palm reader said you would have twins!

  98. This is a beautiful name and unique like you

    Tirzah t(i)-rzah, tir-zah as a girl’s name
    word meaning “she is my delight.”β™₯

  99. Samantha: Congratulations! My wife and I have watch nearly every one of your travel shows, and almost feel like family whenever we see you on t.v. We hope and pray your children are healthy and your family will prosper in the days ahead!

  100. I have watched all your travel shows on the travel channel and i have enjoyed watching them . Your a great host. And i want to Congratulate you on your pregnancy especially with twins. I have four girls and i am a blessed one. I am sure you are too.CONGRATS!!!!!!!

  101. Congratulations to y’all !! I have enjoyed your show and just happened to see you on HSN and realized you were very pregnant!
    Logan and Olivia are my suggestions for names.

  102. We always enjoyed your travel adventures. Tonight my spouse, Russ called me to the living room to see you on a show selling luggage. He actually said “she has gained weight”. I said she is pregnant! He thought you had lost your job – seriously. For baby names: Abby, Olivia-Grace, Megan McKenzie. For a boy – David Matthew, Ryan David, Rory Justin and Jacob. We are so happy for you and your husband. Best wishes.

  103. Samantha,first of all congratulation to you and your husband! I thought that you were single until I see you recently on HSN with luggage idears. By the way,I loved it and ordered a couple pieces. Regarding baby’s names.My suggestion is to call them after your names: Samantha and Kevin if you are happy with your life/fate.That’s way you can give a part of your luck to your children.Otherwise Alexandra and Alexander are the perfect names to be in a center of this world with the greatest names in history. Good Luck.We love you.

  104. I’m very happy for you. My daughter was in here 40s when she had my grand son. I won’t give names that’s for you and Kevin to decide. I spook to you on HSN if you remember the sawed off shoot gun guy. God be with you and yours. Hal

  105. ugh…I read each post to get ideas myself. Seven weeks ago I had a boy and named him Patrick Niall Quinn. Since then I have had several people in stitches over the fact that his name is P. Niall – waaa! I love the name Niall but my husband won’t have it as a first name. I since considered his love of Connor. But then my child would be C. Niall – ugh!

  106. CONGRATS!!!! πŸ™‚ but it’s hard to be happy when everyone around you is getting pregnant and you’ve been trying over 10yrs and no babies. IVF is so expensive, adoption is difficult, surrogate mothers are even more expensive, you run out of options. Then your faced everyday with celebs and the battle to conceive when in the long run they have money for all the options and well In fact have babies wether it’s through IVF, surragate or adoption. it’s a guarantee. Then there are friends who get preganant at the drop of a pin, then there are the friends who don’t have much money but the have this amazing luck to have a sister who will have IVF, through one round and end up having twins. I am nor rich enough or lucky enough, probably never well be. Uncontrolable crying is best I can sum up to how I feel when I hear a celebs pregnancy and think how wonderful for them to have the money to make their dreams come true or friend who just gets lucky, has her sister give birth to twins, I think how wonderful it must feel to have that kind of luck. I keep smiling, congratulating and then cry at night in bed, the bathroom and avoiding questions of why I don’t have kids and never letting anyone know how I feel. Every second I see a child with his/her mother/father and feel so horribly sad that I will.never be so blessed and that god must really love them, I will never be someone’s mother, bad things just happen to me, god must not love me. I have still yet to find peace with it, to discover a new passion, another journey when my whole life was planning for motherhood, it’s like leaving a job you love for another job when there’s nothing that will compare to it. Ive watched a lot of travel shows and you do the most amazing job at it, you
    can see how much you love your job, you’re a natural born host. I beleive the show you did in New Orleans where the palm reader/psychic said you’d have twins and she was right. You are so blessed, lucky to have this precious cargo on this amazing journey, you will be an amazing mother, enjoy your journey, your babies, and your family, be happy.

  107. Congratulations and best wishes!
    How about Scott and Erin?
    For your travels and your ethnic backgrounds
    Scotland for aye
    Erin go bragh

  108. Samantha, no matter what , the girl will be as Beautiful as you and the boy as good lookin as Kevin, I’ve watched you on the travel channel for a long time and fell in love with you, but I’m happy for you both. Best wish’s, lou.

  109. I just found out the good news on where I just happen to work in ATL. I couldn’t be happier for my Syracuse alum and your husband on the two new lives you will bring into the world.
    I have always been a big fan and miss you on the Travel Channel. You were so nice to send my 83 year old mother a B&W glossy of you and your autograph which she fondly keeps on her refrigerator door. I cannot wait to tell her your super fantastic news. Love you luggage line as well…..Blessings and much happiness!

  110. As a mom of fraternal twin boys who just turned 2, best of luck!! Twins are a blessing. It’s rough at first, nights and days mesh into one lump of never-ending sleepless warps of time. It gets easier and the love just grows. Now my days are filled with the boys endlessly climbing on and standing on furniture. Giggles when wrestling and shirtless belly bumping are a joy. I have a total of 3 children. My daughter,big sister Emery Elizabeth(5 yrs) and the boys Emerson Edward 5th and Eisley Ettienne. My husband and I can not wait to show them the world. Again-good luck!

  111. Congratulations! Names are a very personal choice. Go with your heart. Wish I knew ahead of time my husband & I were having twins 27 years ago, only found out when I was in labor. Surprised everyone! Best of health & happiness.

  112. I had a son at 44 years old. I too waited a long time. I’m exhausted! He is great and the joy of my life at 4 years old. God Bless you and your family I wish I had your energy. Your children are lucky to have such a loving set of parents awaiting them.
    The finest thing you can do in life is to raise a good and happy person. As for names….Samsonite and Tourister leap to mind. πŸ˜‰

  113. I would recommend naming both something that will easily roll off the tongue. I would also give each kid two middle names as I did with my daughter. If I use her full name, she knows she needs to stop whatever she is doing and listen.

  114. My daughter and I are big fans. She just reminded me that on one of your travel shows you had your palm read and you were told you would have twins one day. Neat!

  115. Best of luck, Kevin and Sam. James and Kelly come to mind—simply strong and good names.. Have fun with your new additions! Happy Trails.

  116. I do remember the palm reader telling you that you would have twins one day….spooky! I’ll have to go find that episode….I have them all taped, from great hotels to vacation homes to week-ends, etc, etc, etc!! Love you Sam, Congratulations…Pam

  117. Congratulations Samantha and Kevin on your beautiful babies! Children are so special and a wonderful gift. Thank you, Samantha, for all of your travels. I love watching your show. You inspire me to go to new places and experience new things. God Bless you and your family.

  118. Congratulations from fans of yours on degraw street brooklyn. you were nice enough to stop and talk to us and we were somewhat star struck and therefore partially incoherent!
    we are so happy for you!
    we love you samantha. all the best to you and your beautiful family

  119. Congratulations I am so happy for you both. I have watched your show for years on the travel channel. My kids are grown
    now but tell new parents to do as much
    as you can with kids while they are
    young and enjoy them every minute.
    Most important is something i discovered
    is to keep a journal daily so you won’t forget everything that happens while they are growing up.

  120. we miss you, but understand completely, congradulations, and have fun with it! from our family to your

  121. Congratulations I am very very happy for you. I have missed seeing your shows on the travel channel. I was happy to see you back for the Trip of a Lifetime shows. It is so cool that you are going to take your babies along traveling with you. If I had to pick baby names for you a girl’s name I like would be Charlotte Amalie Brown. It is a pretty name and the capital of the U.S. Virgin Islands. I like Felix for a boy.

  122. First, my sincere congratulations to the both of you. Ana for a girl and Danello for a boy.

  123. Hello, I’m a big fan of your travel tutorials. Here are two ideas for your twins names, Henry for the boy, and Miriam for the girl, names from the Indiana Jones saga. They were great travelers.

  124. I have always loved the name Malachi and it could go either direction. It’s also one of the books in the bible. I also love the name Macenzee and there are about a hundred spellings…lol Good luck on having twins…I hear they are twice the fun!

  125. We named our daughter Kaileigh because in Scotland/Ireland, it is a “musical celebration” (spelled differently, though:). I look forward to a new show, “Traveling with Kids”…I will watch!! πŸ™‚ πŸ˜‰

  126. Congratulations to you and your husband! What great joy and blessings. I have been a long time fan of your globe trotting travels and have enjoyed your show. Some of my favorite baby names: Emily, Eloisa,and Alejandra for girls. For boys, Sebastian and Jorge.

  127. Congrats to you both as this is such an exciting time. Kevin is one lucky guy to have you as a wife and I know you feel the same about him. I and about a billion other people wish you the best. Sam, I’ve watched your shows from day one, and as a fellow travel lover, you have brought me many smiles, and “How cool is that?” thoughts. Thanks for being you.

  128. Samantha, i am so happy for you and your family. i watched you avidly, and went on many journeys with you, your travels made me see places i would never get to see otherwise. i miss your cheery smile, and antics. but family comes first. i know you will be a excellent mother. you;ll be a success at whatever you do, you proved that already. god bless you and your beautiful babys, keep us updated on there growth an future.


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