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Forget Back to School…it’s Back to Travel Sales!

Travel this summer has been tough. Not only have prices really gone up due to fuel costs, but with travel confidence at an all-time high, the industry – which has not fully recovered from an ongoing pandemic – has struggled to keep up with demand. Yet, there is a light at the end of this overcrowded, often delayed, and expensive tunnel. According to’s 2022 summer flights calendar, the later into the summer we get, the more inexpensive travel days there will be. Flight prices are anticipated to drop even further in the fall.

With the decrease in demand, which usually kicks in in the fall (September and October), not only will things normalize a bit, but prices will also start to fall.  When it comes to air travel, I like and, and for hotels and travel packages, I follow @smartertravel and Skyscanner to see what’s out there around the United States and beyond.

But still, it’s important to note that travel will remain unpredictable for a bit longer, and even with the best airfare discount websites, it’s important to research hidden fees, connection flight flexibility, etc.

And if that is too much, you can always recruit the help of a travel agent, who will be up to date on all the details and changes we might miss!

How do you score a great deal at the last minute?  Add it to the comments below!

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  1. Yes! We go to Destin Fl every sept. The third week of Sept always has awesome weather and not crowded. Most beautiful white sand beaches anywhere.

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