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5 Places to Live Like a Royal

Would you like to live like a royal on your own private estate with acres and acres to explore?  There are so many gorgeous estates, palaces or castles that the world’s royal families love spending their time vacationing or living there every year.

If you see yourself living a royal life, then here are several places you should spend a holiday (or two):

Sandringham Country Estate, Norfolk, UK

There’s no doubt you’ve heard of Sandringham.  It is a favorite country retreat of Her Majesty The Queen, and has been the private home of four generations of British monarchs since 1862.  Recently Prince William and Princess Kate renovated and moved into their 10-bedroom home, Amber Hall which sits on the Estate.  There is a museum here, plus 400-acres of country park and beautiful gardens.  You can rent either the Garden House or The Granary for your stay. [More information]

Karen Roe via Flickr

Balmoral Estate, Ballater Scotland

Like clockwork, the Queen heads to Balmoral every summer to relax and stroll through the gardens with her tiny herd of corgis.  There’s no doubt she loves the estate and the privacy 50,000 acres in the Scottish highlands provides. For your summer vacation you can rent a small or large cottage, close or far away from the castle.  Spend your days playing golf, fishing, enjoying the outdoors and walking the grounds with your dogs (they are welcome).  After hours, the estate is all yours to explore.  Just hope you don’t bump into you know who. [More Information]

Nell Roger via Flickr

Hampton Court Palace, East Molesey (Surrey), UK

Not as big or well-known as Balmoral or Sandringham, but having a lot to offer is Hampton Court Palace.  It’s a lovely estate with the world’s most famous maze that features a half a mile of twisting turns.  Rent the Georgian House apartment on the grounds with its own private walled garden, handsome decor and a gorgeous view over the palace roofs. [More Information]


Osbourne House, East Cowes, Isle of Wight

This fabulous estate on the Isle of Wight is where Queen Victoria felt the happiest in all her years.  It’s not difficult to see why she felt so happy here, the estate has its own private beach as well as acres of lush and colorful grounds and gardens. Ultimately, this seaside palace became the family’s private home where her nine children could grow-up in a fun and relaxed atmosphere. Stay at the Pavilion or one of the Sovereigns Gate cottages.  They are modern, close to the beach and provide an unforgettable summer holiday. [More Information]

Martin Robson via Flickr

Pendennis Castle, Falmouth, England

This castle is known as one of Henry VIII’s finest coastal fortresses.  While it’s definitely not a luxurious royal estate, it’s a great historic exhibit that takes you back to WWI.  If you love the outdoors, you’ll enjoy hiking along the coast and enjoy 360-degree views of Falmouth.  Climb the spiral stairs up to the roof of the castle to see the magnificent views of the sea and understand why Henry selected this strategic spot.  Stay at either Callie’s Cottage or the Custodian’s House, both offer incredible views.
[More Information]


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Would You Like To Live Like A Royal On Your Own Private Estate With Acres And Acres To Explore?  There Are So Many Gorgeous Estates, Palaces Or Castles That The World's royal Families Love Spending Their Time Vacationing Or Living There Every Year.
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