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What It’s Like to Visit a Balinese Medicine Man

Typically, I don’t ever like finding myself down a dark alley in a town I don’t know at night. Heck, even in a town I do know! But I completely trusted my fixer in Bali, who led me down a dark alley and into the colorful office of a traditional Balinese medicine man.

This medicine man said I could ask him anything so naturally I told him I wanted to feel less tired. As a person who travels constantly AND is mom to two little people, I need all the help I can get! I am always open to immersive experiences like this when I travel. When will I ever have this opportunity again? Best case scenario, I sleep well forever. Worst case scenario? Something crazy happens and I have a great story for years to come.

Watch the video to see the action unfold.

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  1. It’s always been fun to see you explore. Keep the good work coming. I like your style, and spunk…and openness to the world around you…

  2. Sam, I love how you are always open minded wherever you go, embracing local cultures! I have to ask: did the ritual help? Did you feel less tired afterward? I certainly hope so!
    I’ve been a big fan since Great Hotels and love 50/50 (take me!). I wish you all the best!

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