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4 Great US Cities for Traveling with Kids

Planning a family vacation? Consider one of these US cities for traveling with kids.

Aside from fabulous beach vacations and trips to other countries to explore history and culture, you should consider taking your kids to one of these four cities. I selected these special destinations from my travel experience, and each has the makings of a perfect family vacation. You and your kids will find yourself exploring colorful bugs, playing with a giraffe, creating junk art, enjoying live music, and experiencing new and tasty dishes.

There are a few places I’m especially excited to experience with my kids. New Orleans, for one. I know you’re thinking I’m crazy because of that mess on Bourbon Street, but the city has so much more to offer. Live music! Beignets! The Insectarium!

Then, there’s Manhattan. To a kid, Times Square must feel like the center of the universe. The signs, the neon, the food. How fun!

Another pick? Santa Barbara. I love their small but lovely zoo. And of course, there’s the ocean. What’s not to love?

And my last pick: Chicago. It’s so family-friendly. There’s Navy Pier, the Bean, great museums, lovely parks. It’s just so good.

Cities have so much to offer. No matter where you go, you can plan several activities and still leave time for swimming in your hotel pool (an absolute must). One of my best tips is to check into guided bike tours. Kids that are comfortable on a bike have a lot of fun on these tours, and it’s a quick and fun way to see the city (and much better than walking). Don’t forget the most important part of any trip, shopping for toys and souvenirs.

What is the best city you visited with your kids?

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  1. Sam, Aren’t you afraid that your kids will grow up and say, “But mom, why didn’t you take us to Orlando?” hehehe, just kidding, we love you Sam, it will be great for them no matter where they go, because you are the wonderful Sam.


  2. I love watching you. I am a little upset you don’t think Philadelphia, PA would be a great place to take kids. My city never gets the respect we rightful desire.

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