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My Key To Looking Put Together on the Road

People always ask me how I look so put together on the road. The truth? I don’t. That’s why I work with Christina.

Christina is my secret weapon to looking put together on the road.

She’s always behind the scenes working hard on my hair and makeup. She picks out my outfits with an eye for style AND practicality. I don’t know how I would transition from surfing to a fancy restaurant without missing a step. With Christina, I don’t have to figure that out. She does it for me! Plus, she’s a ninja with lip gloss.

So next time you start comparing yourself to anyone on TV, remember this: they  probably have a Christina two. And if they’re a Kardashian, they probably have twelve Christinas.

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    1. Sam’s adventures are planned out like a traveler would spend their own day exploring someplace new with multiple sights to see. So daytime water play means coordinating outfits that will transition between activities.

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My Key To Looking Put Together on the Road
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