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How to Avoid Travel Rage

Samantha shares her secret for how to avoid travel rage and really enjoy the bliss of a new travel experience.

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  1. I confess I, too, am guilty of getting angry when I’m hungry. My wife calls it “hangry.” We now travel with a few healthy snacks and, thank God, have been able to keep my inner Hulk calm.
    “Don’ make me hangry. You wouldn’t like me when I’m hangry.”

  2. Love this, as a former FA I always carried my own food but I also carried a bag of lollipops , when someone started to just get really cranky with me I just handed them a lollipop and 99% of the time they popped in their mouth and their entire demeanor changed instantly. Adult or child same success lol.

  3. Great video! I get cranky when I’m hungry or when my blood sugar drops too low, too, so I also bring a jar of peanut butter with me when I travel. I like to bring almonds along as well. But the energy bars are the best – it’s so true that if you can sit on it and it still tastes good, it’s worth bringing!

  4. I miss your show so much!!! I just finished watching all of your new videos and couldn’t stop laughing at all of your funny comments. Please come back soon!!!

  5. I didn’t see McDonalds in Rome, been a while since I was there but I missed it.
    No shame in making a stop a McDonalds, I always check them out in foreign countries just to see what is different. Japan, France, China, Spain, Italy (Milan, maybe I didn’t look in Rome) England, Canada, Mexico, even some “exotic” places in the US have different things like Hawaii Mickey D’s has spam and ramen, or there used to be one in California that did high end food, like pastas and lobster bisque served on real plates and bowls, I miss that one it was not far from home.

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