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Best Food Trips for Kids

Did you know that the kid’s menu is only found in the US? It’s true! In most countries, kids eat what their parents eat. One of the best things about traveling with kids is introducing them to new cultures and local experiences. Food and dining rituals are a great way to get to know a new city or country. It’s always an adventure to seek out the best food and fun traditions within a particular city or region. From deep fried dough dipped in hot chocolate to dumplings shaped like animals, your kids will be happy to taste the food of the world.

Keep a food journal of all the places you visit and your kids favorite foods. Be sure to include photos of their smiling faces! Then when you get home, try your best to recreate their favorite dishes in your own kitchen.

Where will I take the twins to experience food and local dining customs? Watch below:

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Where have your kids really enjoyed the local cuisine?

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  1. We had an amazing time in New Orleans with our daughter last spring. She ate boiled crawfish, raw oysters, seafood gumbo,- basically anything and everything. She still talks about the crawfish etoufee at Mother’s. Looking forward to our trip to Japan next spring – another eating adventure!

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