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The Key to Staying Fit on the Road

When I’m on the road “Pink Gloves Brown” can’t always get to the boxing gym.

However, I’ve discovered that working out is not only important to looking good, but in keeping up my health and endurance, two things traveling a lot can take away from you.

There was a time in my travel career that a bikini scene was never more than three days away and so I had to be very disciplined. And believe me, temptation is everywhere — especially when you’re exploring unique local cuisine.

Here are my favorite exercises that are easy to do when you travel. If you want to try these, make sure you consult a doctor first to make sure they are not a risk to your health.

In the room

The Squat: It’s simple and tones the legs and tush.  Many doctors and health experts agree that the squat is the single most beneficial exercise you can do for any age. Especially as we age as it combats the loss of muscle mass.

Push Ups: I love push-ups as they tone immediately. In a hotel room, place a towel on the floor. I caution you not to look to closely under the desk or bed, you may not like what you see.

Arm bands: These are fantastic to travel with, weightless and take up no room. You can use them to work out arms and legs.

Walking and Stairs: Take the long way to your hotel room: I always try to take the stairs at least once a day when I’m at a hotel. Unless of course my room is on the 26th floor.

Don’t laugh it works: Fill your suitcase to desired weight and pump it! You can do very effective bicep curls and arm raises. You’re still laughing aren’t you?


A Hike: I’m always looking for a hiking area in every destination I go to. I love to head outdoors, enjoy the solitude and feel the burn.

A good, long walk: Explore the local neighborhoods or visit a park. A nice long walk is a great way to exercise and sightsee at the same time. (Note: if you add ice cream or gelato, this is no longer considered a workout)

Have any great tips for working in a workout when you’re traveling? Share them in the comments…

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  1. I can recommend yoga! no mat, use a bath towel. Do planks,warrior series,tree,twists-all will energize and flexize your body. It is the massage without the cost-yay!

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Staying fit on the road.
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