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Beauty Travel Tips: What’s In My Baggie?

When I travel there are certain things that are always in my bag.  Here are my go-to beauty products that help me look my best:

Clarins Instant Smooth

It’s a line eraser that really works. Buy at Sephora ($34)

Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream

For nails, cuts, chapped lips to smooth fly away hair. Everything! Buy at Elizabeth Arden ($19.50)

Caudalie Eau de Beaute Elixir

It’s a refreshing face mist that smells of wine grapes.  Remoistens tired dry make up and soothes the senses.  Buy at Sephora ($18)

Jane Iredale Powder SPF 30

A dry sunscreen is a travelers dream and this one protects the face and makes it a cinch to reapply. Buy at Jane Iredale ($45.50)

Eyelash Curler

Instantly wakens the eyes.  Buy at Sephora ($17)

MAC Make Up Remover Wipes

There are a lot out there but these remove even the heaviest of make up.  Buy at MAC Cosmetics ($20)

What’s in your baggie when you travel?

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  1. We know you have a stylist to help you with this for most of your travels, but can you give us some hair tips? My hair has grown out a bit but I will be cutting it again soon. I usually have hair about the length of your passport to Eurpoe shows, slightly curlier. But even your messy hair looks great., like the one in your recent picture feature above for spa days.

  2. Image Vital.C hydrating repair cream – heavy duty moisturizer!

    Rosebud salve.

    Lip Smackers or Palmers Cocoa butter stick.

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